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  1. how what has always started? Fascism?? starts w political correctness? Totalitarianism? what is it that starts with 'political correctness'? My definition of political correctness is "if it offends me, it's offensive! if it offends you, it's political correctness". Yes, there's folks that uber sensitive and don't like this or that, and they whine a lot. But they aren't the ones that take over governments and start jailing, beating, and killing people they don't like.
  2. That sounds lovely, Sparky. Don't know if it would work but that would be cool.
  3. Charles MacDonald's book was the best I have read, though Anthony Beevor's recent was also very good. MacDonald was a company commander at the bulge (see his book Company Commander) and wrote a number of very good books on WW2.
  4. oh, and don't forget to 'cheat'. if you play a scenario & get whupped early on, go to scenario editor & give yourself more tanks, artillery, or some such. It's very easy to do & can get you enough success to start to build some confidence.
  5. this is episode 1 in a really good how-to series go to this on youtube and you should be able to find the whole series, plus other videos
  6. Or choose quick battles and say you want a small battle. Stay with the game, it's great once you learn more. There's lots of how-to videos around, many linked in the forums here
  7. Thanks Steve, I had these games way back when but never got good at them. Great to have a second chance.
  8. and only $5.39 USD. wow, I gotta try this 😀
  9. MacIntryre book are all very very good. I've read five or six of them. His newest, about a russian agent who was working for the Brits was outstanding. Read like a novel. He as a really good one the brit SAS also
  10. Hey Heirloom, based on your recommendation I have read three of the Zuehlke books, Juno, Holding Juno, & Ortona. All VERY good, thanks! Husky is next on my list.
  11. yeah, looking forward to FI module, but really can't wait for RT. Those late war winter battles in Hungary will be crazy.
  12. Getting one man team is easy. All I have do is say "glad that area is cleared" and send forward an entire squad. 60 seconds later I have a one man team.
  13. My troops can speak any language they want as long as they shoot back better than my existing, often green, allied troops currently do. Eo falo um poco Portuguese, gostaria de (spelling?) Portuguese. falo muito poco, desculpa (or is it desculpo?)
  14. thanks for that book tip, Chris. I've had my eye on that book was wasn't sure until I could see more reviews come in whether it was a good one.
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