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  1. Yeah, I just want the expansions. ASAP. FI will be fun I am confident. But RT will be amazing. Those epic armored battles in hungary & germany/poland. Then they can go back to 1941-42 I hope.
  2. I agree to all this. I still do that on car trips. I bike to work and picture AT guns and tanks and infantry battling along the bike path & streets. And to Markshot's point, yes, this is chess. History chess. Chess that's more open ended and lots more fun.
  3. Mocking you? I am mocking me. I go to this thread every day, looking at entrails. You speak with angels? -- can you ask them to put hair back on the top my head? Gets cold on top in the winter.
  4. This is fascinating. We are all watching for signs, like looking at the entrails of a sacrificed chicken, so we can predict when new module will be out. Except that those in control don't actually know when it will be out because they are fixing this & that as they find further issues. It'll be out when it's done. except that the liver of the latest chicken I sacrificed was VERY healthy and fat, therefore October release. Except that the entrails seemed to indicate a possible slip into November due to the Gods displeasure with the slightly imperfect way in which I cut the chicken's throat, which was I am sure at least somewhat offensive to some of the lesser Gods though unnoticed by the greater Gods but the lesser Gods will now lobby for delay, possibly leading to the greater Gods, being capricious simply because that's a way to exercise and demonstrate their power, reconsidering October, as they had done for September and August. So as you can see, the omens are mixed and portend for both soon and delayed release. Also, some of the Gods are angered by run-on sentences, so now I've done it.
  5. great video, thanks much! I remember that fight. Was nasty.
  6. I sure wish FOG2 was WEGO realtime. that would be insanely good. I've only played it a little, as a change of pace from CM. I don't have the new FOG Empires -- do you? if so, you're thoughts?
  7. That's a great book. All Ben McIntyre books are very very good. Especially his recent The Spy & the Traitor
  8. witchfinders. now that was a funny book, assuming you got this from the Gaiman/Pratchett classic Good Omens
  9. hear hear! I am reading the Candians in WW2 series. Just finished Ortona & Liri Valley. I hope those campaigns are represented. If not it's surely too late to change things, but hopefully.
  10. we are playing a real time fixed-pause game, which is greatly superior to RT or RT pausable. I used to play Assault Squad. I'd engaged in one area and come back to find some other area w everyone dead and no idea it even happened. No replays sucks.
  11. this is the same person who says NYTimes is 'fake news' if I'm not mistaken. Perhaps he knows things we don't, like from Alex Jones, and this is a hint guiding us to the secret world of the truth
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