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  1. I bought CMBN first ~5 years ago. And still haven't played all of it, there's just so much if you get the big bundle. Part of that is that I now have all the games except Afghanistan, so bounce between them. You have hundreds of hours of epic battles -- jump in. Learning curve just takes a little time; watch gameplay & tips videos from youtube, you'll be a pro very quickly. And you'll still lose battles sometimes, that's what makes these games such an enduring challenge.
  2. well, that is odd. Troops not under fire basically never move. unless it's a vehicle that sees a nasty threat -- like bren carrier sees a panther.
  3. the extra commands were because you had multiple units selected when you gave subsequent commands. Or you double-clicked on a unit to select it, which brings up entire unit's formation. Look at what unit symbols are highlighted in orange -- that's who's getting commands. That's not normal for AT gun either. Any chance you set up an "armor arc" -- that would tell unit to only fire at armor. These issues you are having are just learning issues, CM does not behave like that.
  4. why do the new, zipped cam files have same date as the old cam files already in my campaigns directory?
  5. so folks are working on CMx3? yes please, lock them up at home w no distractions until they are done. Send money & food & beer as needed.
  6. well, that settles what my next challenge will be, thank Elvis et al. Just finished a nice CMBN battle as Brits but time to join this century's UK contingent, which I haven't yet played.
  7. Article does BFC some disservice by leading w ancient CM1 stuff. Should have put the modern stuff first, older stuff second.
  8. Thanks everyone. Please don't fall prey to the "simple solution" bull****, like it's all some easy fix -- that's just propaganda so that folks don't have to face the really difficult reality. Like the lies told last year ("they won't release water from the resorvoirs" - lie; "they sent all the water to the ocean"-- lie). Classic blame the victims stuff. Western US had a dry & hot summer following a relatively dry winter. And recently had very hot w abnormally low humidity, so perfect for fires. Once fires got going we had many days of crazy strong east winds, driving the fir
  9. Oh, actually I no longer need F&R. I have plenty right here in Oregon. My wife's manager's house burned down. She volunteered at local evacuation center, one shaking family came in had barely escaped as they were chased down the road by fire. Air is horrific, especially last week, though today air is only "unhealthy" which is better than previous "hazardous". I think I have had enough fire & rubble for now.
  10. that was a fender amp?? I'll be darned. I thought sure it was a Vox. My Vox sounds just like it I thought. I have an AC15 (modern) and guitar w P90s instead of humbuckers but sure sounds similar. Of course, this being a F&R thread, back to business. Please oh please oh please let this ready for the rainy season (starts in earnest usually mid to late October). Western Oregon can go weeks of endless cloudy/overcast and wet every day.
  11. Guitar riff in Rebel Rebel: coolest thing ever. How come sh*thead musicians seem to live forever and all the good ones die early. Pat Boone is still alive. I wonder if BFC will have Steam RT release going before F&R release? that would be cool for the Steam folks.
  12. Very sad. I remember buying his scenario sets (nowadays called DLCs) for games like Wargame Construction Set: TANKS! by Norm Koger. this was ~100 years ago it seems now.
  13. Dumb question: Other than BFC getting lots more love & money, what advantages do y'all see from Steam? I get that purchasing is easier. what else do you see that makes this good for existing BFC customers? -- honest question, I really don't know the answer but given the excitement I am obviously missing something. I used to use steam to play Assault Squad and COH, and I really didn't like how much Steam took over my computer, causing delays on startup. Fortunately I found BFC and can no longer imagine why I played those very silly games. My current plan is to continue to purchas
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