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  1. I expect they will go path of least resistance. Early war means nearly entire new OOBs. So I expect we'll see east front 1943, CMBS module, and maybe module for CMFB. Those would be the least disruptive. Then they'll work backwards again to 1942, then 1941. 1939-40 means all new allied OOB, so that probably is a long way off. So in order to not go completely dark for long period of time, I think they'll expand off what they already have in order to get products out that folks will buy.
  2. Ha! Lucky Strike, that worked. It's like "this one simple trick will....". Super cool trick, thanks Here's view from behind the big battle. I have last screen of T34-85s that can engage anything that gets too far. Looks like a proper eastern front battlefield, wrecked tanks everywhere. the panther frontal armor was quite a problem but got hits into weak spots before this became more of a crisis. Meanwhile, on the ridge facing my center/right, a group of PZ4s is attacking. This one hit by an SU152 shell -- what a hole!
  3. oops, I have now used up my total allotted file size.
  4. first post now trying w pictures: multiple hits on panther, incl nice new viewing port on left gun mantle. Other panthers advancing, one w six hits, other w two.
  5. Hey MikeyD, this only works for small files if one is a customer. I max out at 1.95Mb. And my screen shots are all ~4Mb. I was told in earlier posts a while back to "use imgur" but that just gives link so far. maybe folks are saving screenshots to smaller file formats?
  6. how do I make this pictures show up as pictures instead of links?
  7. My first attempt to actually upload a picture, let's see if it works: https://imgur.com/xQ5mdIl https://imgur.com/2fXhTha https://imgur.com/Y8eMVwu Playing Studienka as Soviets. Was having great fun, even knocked out first wave of panthers on hill to my left. Oh, but there's a second wave who are not so kind as to show me their flanks. Went from ~1000m gun duels to mix of ranged and point blank tank fights. A number of times I had first shot but shell deflected off tree branches, saving a panther and losing my first shot advantage.
  8. Sublime, that was a joke right? That was you parodying an ignorant racist white male who believes really stupid things, correct? ha ha, great job, you really had me going for a second.
  9. I have lots of BF content yet to play, so really I shouldn't complain, as Elvis said (for example currently playing Studienka for the first time, as soviets). However, must face the facts: The US is approaching a Stalingrad-level catastrophe: fall & winter w no football. This is when BF must do it's patriotic and moral duty and use its resources to help Americans get through a time of unprecedented national peril. When the rainy season hits here in Oregon I am gonna need some Fire & Rubble.
  10. Looks like it has everything. You will be busy for a long time. I still haven't played it all. I bought the big bundle before battlepack came out. It will have everything and will be up to date as far as version.
  11. and that KV1, that is just a beautiful machine. True, had quality issues, but it was well ahead of it's time in a number of ways. And just looks soooooo good. Like Hannibal hitting the romans with elephants. Think of the battles -- with your 38Ts, pz3 w 37mm guns, combined arms tactics, you are tearing up the battle field; but then two of these insane beasts show up and your shells bounce off like pebbles. How is that not crazy good fun?
  12. what if I took that KV1 chassis and put a great big metal box and top and put a great big 152mm gun in it...
  13. totally hear you BulletPoint, not everyone wants 1941. But 1942, 1943? Epic. Winter battles, summer battles, Operation Blau. Don't need the best tanks to be epic. Operation Winter Storm, Operations Uranus & Saturn, Kursk? Epic for sure. It's all good: 44-45, 41-43. Different but all good.
  14. From what Steve said earlier, it seems that while this issue may be a real thing, it's a vanishingly small one as far as BF and most customers are concerned. Are they going to increase sales because they spent a bunch of time re-writing code for something the vast majority of users don't even know exists and hasn't hurt their game experience? I would be pretty angry if they spent their limited resources on stuff like this instead of getting out products covering eastern front 1941-43. And that's also where they would sell a lot of stuff -- how many current customers would pre-order games covering that theatre/timespan? 99%? How many new customers would jump in? Imagine those epic campaigns. I wouldn't care if they chose to keep the game just like it is and just get out games to cover this era.
  15. These are all great tips. And every time I don't follow them I pay for it.
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