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  1. I am confused as to why pricing is an issue. If you want the products when first introduced, you pay the opening price. Same w lots of other games, same w books, same w DVDs & streaming movies. It's normal. Then later price might drop, or product bundled w other stuff. The games are expensive because are a specialty product, lovingly hand crafted by a small group of organic sustainably sourced artisans holed up.... well, somewhere. and last time my son bought Call of Duty it was $60 (bought w my money). These games are not commodity items. I can't just get it somewhere else, like buying pepsi over coke because it's on sale. Just speaking for myself here, but I am OK w pre-order of new CMRT module. Where do I sign up? I look at CM preorder as a kind of crowdfunding. Others will disagree, and I totally get that, so can choose to not preorder.
  2. I am going w Ian's "FIrst, enjoy R2V" idea. I already decided to do all the R2V scenarios in alphabetical order and nothing else until done. First battle was easy -- until it wasn't. I laid smoke, crossed a creek, everything is great, easy win it seemed. Then the germans did their usual thing, spoiling all my beautiful and super-genius plans.
  3. that's a rotten story by the eagles! They need to make that right IMO. Hopefully next year they'll be less injured. Dalton.... he's not the problem, and probably not the answer I suppose. He's not great but he's better than several of the QBs out there -- Goff, mason rudolph, rivers, trubisky .... I just watched Lamar J school the Rams. He's almost as much fun as a sherman knocking out a tiger's gun w first shot.
  4. Eagles fan. Ouch. I am a bengals fan so I have no hopes to dash, while Eagles were supposed to be good this year. Philly has some injury curse it seems. Like a campaign in CM, just more & more lost assets each mission.
  5. Thanks for that tip GeorgeMC, now subscribe to the miltary history visualized channel. Good stuff. Now, can you get the russians to run away so I don't have to lose half my infantry digging them out of the villages?
  6. those awful soviet SMGs..... and just had artillery strike land shells in two full halftracks. Ouch. very lucky strike because it must've been plotted before the smoke blocked all view to the area. germans have so little infantry in 1944, losing even a couple sections really hurts.
  7. I know about the hotkey panel, somehow I just never noticed that one. classic, something right in front of me for years and never saw it. While I've got your attention, if you could ask the russians to not occupy all the buildings in the village objectives it would also be a great help. 😊
  8. oh, there it is, alt-k. I must've accidently hit this. Thanks, that fixes it. Didn't even know it existed
  9. There's such a thing? I don't even know where I would've done that. where is that?
  10. hey all, anyone seen this behavior before:? -- I am on battle #4 of Blunting the Spear. I called for smoke from 105mm howitzers, but the shells seem get swallowed. Tiny little impact and zero smoke. Like shells landed in soup. But it's open, dry field. conditions are dry. Any ideas? W/o smoke I am in a bit of a bind for sure. Can't approach the objectives due to SU76 & T34s hidden in the village areas.
  11. The Canadian series by Zuehlke. He has books on Sicily, Ortona, Liri Valley, Gothic Line. These are particularly good for CM because he has so much tactical level information from veterans themselves.
  12. good god, is this really even happening? this false equivalence bulls-t? "oh, well the allies did bad things too so everyone is equal." We are not blind or stupid as Aragorn likes to imply. We KNOW THE ALLIES DID BAD THINGS. But the allies weren't on a campaign of conquest and murder for all the resources of Eurasia, were they? And the allies were extremely merciful to their vanquished foes. The germans planned to impoverish, enslave, banish, or exterminate their vanquished foes. They did in fact impoverish/enslave/banish/exterminate everyone they conquered. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE. The allied bombing campaigns of german and japanese cities constituted war crimes, there's no way to deny that. The allies did NOT do this to enslave those countries, they did it because they (wrongly) thought it would end the f___ing war and end the suffering sooner. Intent matters. And having said that..... I am currently playing CMRT campaign as the germans. Because they have nice gear. and I already did the russian campaign.
  13. I have a week off at Christmas time. It has to be out by then. OMG is BF going to ruin Christmas?? (just messing w you, BF 😉).
  14. Almost done w The Gothic Line book. Which means it's almost time to receive my gothic line R2V module I hope? 😊
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