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  1. I am using this CMBS propaganda to try to convince my friend to start playing CM
  2. first battle was little US recon mission, major victory, all infantry. Second was another small one, Russian force trying to take Ukr urban area. I've got four BTR-82 and a couple platoons of infantry. I thought "my modern Russian army will crush them". I am taking heavy casualties and not making much progress. These Ukranians are serious!
  3. Hey Aragorn2002, we don't always agree on political items but I still always read your posts. Come back & talk CM soon, you know your CM stuff.
  4. Thanks very much everyone. I started w smallest as suggested. These Russian soldiers are for real! Dude is hitting me w grenade launcher from 500m and seems to be bravest man on earth. Bullets and mortars all around him and he just keeps firing. How many rounds does this guy have?? I've got MG firing from a reverse hill crest, a good position, but their luck will run out at some point. THIS IS FUN!!!
  5. hey folks, I just picked up CMBS + battle pack -- I was inspired by Bud Backer's excellent comic book series today. I have experience in all the WW2 titles but also in SF2, so a little modern warfare under my belt. After any tutorial stuff, where do y'all think a new player should go? I want to avoid the nastier battles until I get a feel for what I'm doing. These modern weapons look truly terrifying.
  6. Yes, low mortality -- until you have so many cases that it overwhelms the critical care. WTF is so hard to understand here? that's why we are trying to flatten the curve. If everyone who needs high-tech care can get it there's low mortality, no f-ing kidding. This cherry picking of words is feeding into the idiots that think this is some kind of hoax. Was Italy not losing 700+ a day just last week? what would that be if they didn't isolate? Are all the world's disease experts and doctors imbeciles? And the only ones that can see the truth are our intrepid bloggers bouncing around the internet? this UK site has a reduced designation of the disease that makes it sound like it's not a threat UNLESS YOU READ THE WHOLE STATEMENT. That designation is clearly stated to be about the treatment facilities needed for Covid19 not needing to be special, isolated facilities. IT DOES NOT MEAN IT'S NOT F-ING DANGEROUS. That same site says: The need to have a national, coordinated response remains, but this is being met by the government’s COVID-19 response.
  7. Bud Backer is clearly an undercover marketing agent for BF. I am finally going to buy CMBS. I had put it off because so busy w the other titles, and the lethality scares me, but it's time. No sports, lots of time around the house, why not a nice trip to Ukraine. That gives me all the titles except afghanistan.
  8. Thanks Elvis, this is getting ridiculous. I for one know the cure -- open pre-orders for F&R! that will give us all something new and at least harmless to make conspiracy theories about. "they are never going to release it, I saw a picture on the internet showing someone that was clearly Steve from BF with a sack full of money leaving the country! And he was with another guy in a Philly Eagles Tshirt!"
  9. Hey BenPark, curious as to what tech dead ends you were referring to on the german side? I usually think of 1945 as a time of Germans suffering acute shortages of everything more than a tech issue. The Soviets had certainly developed tech & tactics to nullify most German advantages by this time, like having LOTS of AT guns in their infantry divisions. What else were you thinking of?
  10. I've got an idea. Let's NOT trust scientists & doctors who ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. Let's trust Fox news, who've done a stellar job of brainwashing people into being very unsafe (recent poll showed only 38% of Fox watchers thought virus was serious). Let's trust the average Joe. Like we do on climate change in america, where the scientists are all liars but folks making money off fossil fuels somehow have no reason to lie. Oh, and basic biology is not based on evolution, just ask the average joe. And the earth is 6000 years old. Just ask Joe. And average Joe wants to know who is to blame for this! F--k average joe, he is an idiot. This is not complicated to understand -- we must slow the infection RATE. Italy has over 4000 dead w 627 dying in a single day this week and US is around a week behind them in getting our infection started. No one in this thread so far has mentioned "flattening the curve", which is the most basic requirement for understanding what is happening: The death rate for covid is less than 1%. UNTIL YOU RUN OUT OF VENTILATORS THEN IT'S 3-5%. That's 10 million in america alone. We must keep the number of life-threatening cases below the number of respirators we have available, or 1% becomes 5%. Italian doctors have to decide who to save because they have more dying folks than life saving machines. But here I see mostly conspiracy theory and unsubstantiated internet drive (w some welcome and notable exceptions). By the way, do y'all know where the Spanish Flu actually started? Kansas, USA, army base had the first verified case, though where it actually 'started' is unknown.
  11. OMG OMG OMG OMG I can't wait!!!!!
  12. I'm playing CMBN and having lots of fun. You are not having fun w CMBN, STTP, we hear you -- but does that mean you don't play CM games anymore? And if I hit this bug I'll be pissed. But this thread is about what that new person should buy -- and that person hasn't posted once on this thread since the first page. So maybe this should all move to a bug thread? the new guy probably thinks these games are crap by now, which they certainly are not, which is why we are all here.
  13. always w the monocle. otherwise quite stylish.
  14. Oh, it's very Anglo-biased. But the battle! On the actual Waterloo fields/hills, with thousands of extras in uniform. That's what I liked. Hougomont (sp?), La Haye Saint, right there on the screen, swarming w soldiers -- looks like a CM-Waterloo battle. Anyone read Bernard Cornwell's Waterloo history book (not the historical fiction Sharpe's Waterloo)? One of the best military history books I've ever read, so very very well done (well, not read, I did audio version). But back to this post: just when I think I'm getting a little burned out on game after some tough battles (Nijmegen campaign) I am playing My Honor is Loyalty as Brits (CMBN) for first time. What an epic battle. I hate panther tanks, hates hates hates them.
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