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  1. Here in the US there's a brand of those plastic portable toilets called "honey pots"
  2. ah, one screenshot per link. that might be it. I'll keep at it
  3. Yeah, I would love to see N Africa early and mid. Dang that would be fun. R2V will be fun I think, but those 1945 battles in the next RT are gonna be nuts.
  4. He got over the bridge at least. I didn't get that far when I played that one.
  5. did I do this right? I am supposed to just paste in the link to imgur?
  6. here's my first try at adding pictures. Quality poor, probably because I used simple screen capture. No mods, just base shock force 2. Task Force Thunder, ~16 minutes in. Stupid mistake creeping my stryker a little too far, hit by concealed RPG team. If I just had 4 shermans I could blow this whole place to pieces...... https://imgur.com/a/3lrXlbr
  7. Holy f**k!! they have exploding cars! I saw this funny icon over a car & I thought "what does that mean?". Then it started driving toward my troops at full speed and I realized what it was. It managed to get next to a building w one of my squads but I had moved them out just in time. Didn't expect exploding cars.
  8. I am heavily biased toward allies, being from the USA. But when I do play as germans it's really a lot of fun to have that great gear. Nice to be on the safe side of an MG42 for a change.
  9. It's not WW2 but has anyone read James L Nelson's vikings in Ireland series? Great fun stuff. Starts w a book called Fin Gaul. I just picked up the 7th one. Somewhat similar to Bernard Cornwell's historical fiction but faster paced. Good solid writing and storytelling.
  10. Thanks for sharing that epic battle! That panther was indeed knocked out by a tin can -- but it's a tin can w a pretty good gun.
  11. I don't know what it is but all these LAV style vehicles are rather pretty. though I would still like more shells.
  12. I wonder what realistic choices Neville had (not being apologist for him). I am reading Michael Korda's Wings of Eagles about battle of britain. SHows how, despite Neville's other failings, he did a good job of funding Dowding's air defense needs (fighters/pilots, radar, control organizations)
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