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  1. congratulations! I had a similar story when I came back to CM after many years 😊 May all your battles be merry and your casualties vanishingly low. Italy and Russia games are both great, and so very different from what you face in Normandy.
  2. huh, it's always my MG / BAR guy that gets it first 🙄
  3. Yes, I am playing TOAW IV. I had the original twenty years ago but never worked to get good at it. Much better this time. It's not perfect, but it is fun. The programmed opponent ('AI') is not always great, but sometimes pretty good. I like a game like this where supply are key. There's lots of 'operational' games that are basically just chess because they ignore supply. I'd say I am 75-25% CM over TOAW with my time, but it makes for a nice change of pace from tactical.
  4. Heck yes! I just read Juno & Holding Juno, would love to see some scenarios from this. About to start Ortona.
  5. and solid rain for the whole duration, I don't even have to feel guilty about not doing yardwork or going outside
  6. Family is flying out for a wedding in faraway Pensacola, Fla, area. Four days of wargaming! Gotta finish current TOAW campaign ASAP so I can spend lots of time w CM in lovely Italy, which is the CM game I've played the least so far.
  7. will the owl help keep my wrist from getting stiff & sore?
  8. I take a break by switching from tactical to operational level warfare, like The Operational Art of War. back & forth, keeps both fresh. Currently doing 'what if' scenario where instead of sending forces south for the great kiev encirclement in august 1941, germans go for broke toward Moscow, as guderian et al suggested. I am encircling and destroying lots of soviet forces, but dang, there's always more. And my supply lines aren't getting any shorter. Turns out mechanized units need fuel, who knew? And in two years or so I bet I'll be doing 1941 battles like this in CM (please please please).
  9. I still like Abercrombie, but like you I much prefer history & historical fiction nowadays. Good point on fantasy. Lots of drivel, so much that I pretty much gave up on the whole genre long ago except for a very few select exceptions.
  10. Ugh, MacArthur. Creator of the great and deadly nuclear weaponized mess we have today called N Korea. Such a shame. NK was done, over, ended. Until MacArthur provoked the chinese counterattack through his utter stupidity, ego & incompetence. having said all that, would be run to have CM korean war 😀
  11. I can't imagine anyone interested in eastern front, like steve doesn't want to have the whole thing, 41-45. But takes time. As mentioned above, also have to do SF, Black Sea. And the upcoming late WW2 packages for italy & east front. And a very small crew to do it all.
  12. witchfinder general. Isn't that from Good Omens, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett? Just finished it. Soon to be a series from amazon prime.
  13. I just started Matterhorn on audio. Glad to see it was top of your vietnam list. 😊
  14. Howler, may I ask what mods you are using? Your screen looks so very much better than mine. I just started same scenario, didn't realize I had never played that one.
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