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  1. All these games are great, but BN big bundle is the best place to start IMO. Lots of choices, lots of battles that are less complex (and lots that are very), lots of infantry-only fights, lots of tank fights. You really can't make a 'wrong' choice. In the long run you'll own them all anyway if this is the sort of gaming you like. I have all the WW2 titles and will be getting the new RT & FI upgrades immediately when they come out. Will get BS when I run out of WW2 -- which will take forever at the rate I get to play.
  2. Ah, I think I know the problem. I ran it from wrong place, thinking it would ask me what campaign to unpack. Thanks!
  3. Hi my Battlefront friends, Any chance you would ever provide a tool to extract scenarios from campaigns? For me, it would provide increased value for CM. I see there's some that have been made but they don't work on my PC, and seem kinda complicated. I don't have a ton of time to play and would sure like more great scenarios to pick & choose from. I don't see why this doesn't exist already actually. Any chance of this in the future? I'd even pay some money for it 😀 Thanks, Dan
  4. danfrodo

    Scan_Cade working?

    what is a 'java virtual machine' that is needed to run this?
  5. danfrodo

    Scan_Cade working?

    old thread here, but trying to run this and no joy. Are they any other resources for getting scenarios out of campaigns? I've tried cm_uncam and this.
  6. I tried running this but it just flashes a window & crashes. Anyone else see this? Do I just double click on it or do I need to run from command line? Certain version of python or some such needed, perhaps?
  7. danfrodo

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    NK still testing? that's odd. The Supreme Tweeter assured us they were no longer a threat. must be some kind of mistake, they cleared destroyed all nukes weeks ago. This news must be from someone that uses 'facts', which are so outdated now.
  8. I agree w Holdit, it's possible to be anti-war and to still like wargaming. Reading murder mysteries does not make one pro-murder. It's the strategy, the history, the epic trials, drama, etc
  9. Note the article says "this is just a rumor". so of course I spread the aforementioned rumor. Stating it as a rumor. But still just spreading rumors. https://www.theringer.com/tv/2018/5/17/17364734/aragorn-lord-of-the-rings-amazon-series
  10. Aragorn 2002: "When I joined this forum, someone already had chosen the name Blücher. And since I'm a huge LOTR fan, my second choice was Aragorn. " You have heard that Amazon is making new series set in the LOTR world? Rumor mill says it will be focused on Aragorn's adventures during his years as Strider.
  11. danfrodo

    Antony Beevor on OP MARKET GARDEN

    not available on my kindle in US until September. Takes a long time to move things across the treacherous, storm-ridden Atlantic even today. I did just read his D-Day book finally, which means I have now read 5 of his books. Quite good. His Battle for Spain is interesting instance of "what if fascist dictator takes power and then wisely doesn't start wars with every powerful nation on the planet?". Well, said dictator gets to rule for 40 years.
  12. danfrodo

    This guy is worth a watch

    When discussing the lack of forceful answers to Hitler in the mid to late 1930s, one must also recognize the context of the lives of the men involved. They had all watched in abject horror the greatest slaughter in human history, perpetrated by the much vaunted 'western civilization'. WW1 was in all their minds as they desperately, yet obviously quite naively, tried to avoid a replay of 1914-18. While it's fun to laugh at how foolish Chamberlain et al were, we should also recognize that restraint and diplomacy (especially in Germany & Russia) in 1914 would've made Hitler's later rise to power impossible. His rise was only possible in the post-apocalyptic world left by WW1. And if one wants to look at our own time, compare current US psychopath John Bolton to the one of the greatest, most incompetent warmongering criminals of all time, Conrad of Austria, who more than any other pushed the Europe into WW1 (my source for Conrad comment, A World Undone, by Meyer, a great book on WW1). And when looking at Churchill, I'd say he's good when there's a war -- but war was always the answer for him. So when diplomacy IS the right answer, he is not the one you want. His meddling and micromanaging actually hurt the British war effort in so many ways, so many times, but overall he did provide the leadership that was needed at the time it was needed. In 1914 he's not the type you want. In 1938 he is.
  13. danfrodo

    AFV Show & Tell

    omg omg omg omg omg omg wheere can I see this???? They just don't make movies like that, I thought.
  14. that one gun is sure a lot bigger than than other gun