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  1. His Armored Warfare on Eastern Front books are great, and super cheap. Also has Operation Sea Lion book that was excellent.
  2. Right on, Simon. Forczyk is excellent. I read Red and have White, but have to wait for my son to finish it.
  3. I think I am looking forward more to the Hungary battles than the Oder/Berlin ones. I am excited about both, but those winter battles were epic. I read about how by 1945 the soviet infantry units had plenty of AT guns and the germans had a very tough time advancing due to that. Mud, snow, Tiger 2s, etc. Gonna be fun.
  4. Once I got it I didn't play anything else for ~3 months
  5. (So does this mean Fire & Rubble pre-orders are open or not???? ) When they came out w modern stuff I thought "oh, not my favorite, why didn't they do more WW2 first?". then I bought & played SF2. Holy f*&k is that a fun game.
  6. thanks for the review, Aragorn2002, I can't wait to see it.
  7. whoa, the halftrack gunners will choose to fire on their own? You mean I've been getting my gunners killed all this time for nothing? that's a great tip, thanks Domfluss.
  8. what is this campaign? US? brit? German? when & where?
  9. As Napolean said, something like "quantity has its own quality"
  10. I am going through the R2V battles and about to start your Pursuit Force, in setup phase just trying to formulate my plan. I can say I very much don't trust that hill on back left corner. Nor that tree line on the back right. Good cover for a little while before the roman ruins except for spots where the back left hill can be seen. Interesting tactical problem once I leave my concealed setup area. I would say "thanks" but I might end with my force smashed, so I think I'll wait until I finish. 😊
  11. Sounds right to me, Erwin. would be fun at CM level of fighting. French would have good soldiers & tanks, germans would have superior combined arms working together. I'd sure hate to meet a french tank if I am in a pz2 w a little 20mm gun. Stuka attacks would even the odds I suppose.
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