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  1. Vet 0369

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Oops! I made a typo in my instruction. The "Display Settings" is a file, not a folder, and a 4k display resolution is 3840 2160 0. Those Display files are also in in all the other CMXX folders, so you can change them for all your games, and not have to change your desktop resolution. I"ve changed all mine to 1920 1080 0 for all my games because it's hard for me to read the tiny text.
  2. Vet 0369

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    I haven't downloaded the demo yet, but on CMSF1 and I think CMBN, if you double-click on the game folder, you'll see a "display" folder. If CMSF2 has that same file, open that file, it's a text file, the top line is your display resolution. Change the numbers to resolution you want, e.g. 1920 2160 0 for my 4K, and save. That works on Windows only, and as I said, I don't know for sure if CMSF2 uses that same display file. The available display resolution selections really need to be updated. They haven't been changed since CMSF1 released. Another way is to have your desktop set to the res you want in the game, and just select "desktop." Turning off the FXAA on my NVIDIA GTX1080 and 1080ti cards (two different computers) has always eliminated the pixelations for me.
  3. Vet 0369

    Steam players for multiplayer

    Perhaps a bunch of the software developers and business gurus on the BF forums will get together, buy Battlefront, develop games that always have bug-free content, and never miss a proposed date, and sell them on Steam! All while providing daily updates on their developers blog.
  4. Vet 0369

    The state of CMSF2

    But then, I'll probably forget to remind Sreve anyway😭
  5. Vet 0369

    The state of CMSF2

    Tell you what, Steve said he would send me an e-mail a week before release of CMSF2 (although he also asked me to remind him because he'd probably forget), so for a nominal fee (I too am an old man, retired, and living on a fixed income), I'll send you private message that the release is a week out😈
  6. Vet 0369

    AC-130 Spectre

    Well, the best way to eliminate a sniper is with another sniper, but when you don't have a sniper, you use any other asset that you can.
  7. Vet 0369

    AC-130 Spectre

    You wouldn't believe how deep the animosity is not only among services, but also among programs within those services. For example, it's unbelievable how many times the Airforce "Fighter Mafia" tried to have the A-10 scrapped so they could get that funding for their own programs. Before I went to work with the government, outside of my military time, I worked for an aircraft engine manufacturer. A friend, who was a government plant representative, invited me to attend a meeting he had set up to try to develop a "Joint Services Engine Specification." Even though the Navy and the Airforce or the Navy and the Army might used the same engines in their fighters and helicopters, each service has it's own engine specification. The initiative failed though because the Army and Airforce representatives spent the entire time arguing about the Key West Accords of 1948, and this meeting took place in 1988!
  8. Vet 0369

    AC-130 Spectre

    Marine Air/Ground development began well before WWII in the Caribbean Banana Wars. They refined it in WWII, and perfected it in Korea. It wasn't just the Marine Corps that the Army and Air Force tried to get rid of so they could get the USMC funding. The Air Force actually had Congress convinced to get rid of the Navy's aircraft carriers so Hap Arnold could get more bombers. The only thing that saved the carriers was Korea, which brought in Navy and Marine Corps jets and F4 Corsairs to take out the North Korean supply lines, and forced Congress to understand how vital the Marine Corps/Navy rapid reaction force is to the nations security. The CMSF1 campaign "Semper Fi" has two missions that use Marine aircraft in close air support roles, F-18s and Cobra helicopters (maybe more, I haven't played the entire campaign yet). It also has Naval Gun Fire support from an off-shore Destroyer.
  9. Vet 0369

    Squad Level Drones

    That's exactly how it's used in CMBS too. Some scenarios will have one or two in the company that any of the officers, including the platoon leaders can use. A Tunguska is about the only thing that can bring it down, maybe the ZU-23 also, but I've never had one of those so I'm not sure, because the only thing the Raven is vulnerable to is triple-A.
  10. Thank you Mord! Obviously, those were I never thought to look. Found 'em.
  11. Vet 0369

    Familiarization with Combat Mission

    What MikeyD said. In fact, the best thing about downloading all of them is they all use different tactics, formations, and equipment. For example, U.S. Troops in Fortress Italy are formations and equipment developed from lessons learned from the North African Campaign. Normandy is different with lessons learned from Italy. For Red Thunder, you have to force yourself to think like a Soviet Commander as in it doesn't matter if the victory area is occupied by only one unit with everyone else in the Battalion dead. Final Blitzkreig is much the same as Normandy/Market Garden with better armor. Black Sea is U.S. and Russian modern with DEADLY high tech, and a schizophrenic Ukrainian forces that were trained in Soviet doctrine then quickly trained in U.S. tactics.
  12. LOL, especially as I tagged you through support a time or two asking for a status. I was a Marine too long to not have chain of command beaten into me. I'll probably forget to remind you though. I some times have trouble remembering my name if everyone isn't yelling it at me all the time. I have faith that it'll be released, and that it will be AWESOME doing Marine amphibious landings when CptMiller or GruntGI, or some one creates scenarios with them. Trust me. I'll know when you release it. One question for BF or one of the Moderators though: I've been all over the new site, but for the life of me, I can't find any of the game demos for any of the games. I believe the demos used to be on the Patches page, but I didn't find them there. NOW GET BACK TO WORK AND GET MY GAME OUT😈
  13. Vet 0369

    Some Questions

    I'm sure you'll have exactly the same game specific menu selections as CMBS or any other game that's been updated to version 4.
  14. Yeah, Steve said that it was a rare, but not unknown issue where the OS corrupted something, or it could have had something to do with me moving the program to another drive plus the OS corrupting stuff. Fortunately, I still have, and have loaded, my Paradox PC disk and Marines Module onto my Boot Camp Win 7 side. I've lost all my CMSF mods though. So, I really can't understand how folks can get so upset over it missing the dates, or Steve not communicating. It'll be ready when it's ready.
  15. Fortunately, I own the CMSF1 Big Bundle on my Mac. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to play it for two years because of a licensing issue with the Mac OS that even Steve couldn't fix. But he did promise me that it would be fixed "soon" when they updated CMSF to the new engine, so I've been waiting for this update for two years. I guess I should be the biggest complainer, but I know BF, and I'm patient enough to understand that "Stuff" happens, and that no amount of my complaining is going to get it out any faster. You have three choices for everything in life. You can accept it, you can change it, or you can leave it. You get one choice, if you can't change it, or can't leave it, the only choice you have left is to accept it!