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  1. Vet 0369

    CMSF2 "Black Sea" Vehicle Pack

    Let them eat cake!
  2. Vet 0369


    Ok, I did a search on the M320, and see the difference. Interestingly, it didn't go into production until after the initial timeframe of CMSF2, November, 2008.
  3. Vet 0369


    Ok, I'm gonna risk sounding as ignorant as all getup, but what are the differences between a 203 and a 320 that are so apparent? The grenadiers in the rifle platoon I was attached to in 1976 had the M203. Before that the Grenadiers had the M79 "Blooper" ( perhaps the Army had a different designation and nickname for it). It was actually quite useful for us. Everyone thinks of the 40mm HE round, but we also had flechette, beehive, buckshot, smoke (WP), and probably CS gas. The UI in campaign mission designates them as M203.
  4. Vet 0369

    PayPal order 'Process'

    Don't let the OP's experiences put you off on PayPal. PayPal has a number of different options. For example, I have mine set to a credit card as default, but if I'm buying from a company that uses a different currency, then I use a direct bank draft to avoid the "Currency Conversion Fee" that credit card companies use to rip us off. I've never noticed the e-check option though.
  5. Vet 0369

    CMSF2 Release Update

    I bought mine last Tuesday, and it still says "Processing." Use the download link in the confirmation e-mail that you received. Choose your file based on your operating system, and you should be good.
  6. Vet 0369

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Did you read about Spies doing buddy aid, getting an AK and hand grenades, and ambushing blues all on their own? There's a thread in the forum.
  7. Vet 0369


    LOL, true, but we'd always prefer to "appropriate it" than break it. You never know when you might need that anchor chain. And, we never considered it stealing. For example if we happened to get something such as C-rats through less than ordinary means, well they were going to us anyway, so we were just speeding up the distribution system by cutting out the middle man. We used to play tricks on new men in the shop by sending them out to look for "100 yards of flight line," or "5 gallons of pneumatic fluid." No prop wash though cause most were smart enough to know we had jets. We decided to get creative, so we sent a new Marine out to find a left main landing gear for an F-4B Phantom II. AFter he didn't return for a few hours, we started to get worried for him. Just as we were about to go looking for him, he pulls up in a jeep, with a trailer, and a left main landing gear for a Phantom. A left main is a Naval Air Rework Facility (NARF) level (Factory) only assembly, and we didn't even have a NARF on our base, we had no idea where he got it, or the jeep or the trailer. We didn't even ask. We drove the jeep out into the middle of a field, wiped down everything using methyl Ethel keytone to get rid of any finger print, and called the MPs to report a jeep and trailer in a field. That Marine became our Squadron Scrounge. Ah, and you missed the subtleties of language. If you tell a Marine not to do something, he won't do it because he's so well trained. However, if you tell him he can't do something, he'll take that as a challenge and try to do it just to see if he can. A good Gunny would never say anything like that to us anyway, he'd know better, and a dog doesn't crap in his own den.
  8. Vet 0369


    Well, it wasn't entirely altruistic, we had brought a lot of rounds (we got a specific number of motar rounds every month, and we didn't get much firing time so we had three bunkers full of rounds at an Air Force Base next to our reserve center), and we couldn't bring back any crates that we had opened. Also we had three tube firing an FPF with full increment charges because we didn't want to have to burn the unused increments. A mortar round is initially fired by a shotgun shell like initiator. It in turn sets off the increments. An increment is a propellant pack that burns and fires the round out of the tube. A mortar round has four fins on the bottom of it. There are two increments on each fin. Depending on the elevation of the tube, full charge will give the longest range at that elevation. As you remove increments in one or two increments from diametrically opposed fins, it reduces the range without having to change the elevation of the tube. We used a range card to determine the number increments for the desired range for a given elevation. For example, an elevation of 45 degrees with a full increment provided the longest range. A 90 degree elevation with Zero increment gave the shortest range, and no, you can't drop a round on yourself. The winds aloft and rotation of the earth ensure that a round will not fall within 50 meters of the tube. When you pull increments off the round, you have to dig a hole and use a match to burn them. If you fire full charge, you don't have to dig a hole. The problem we had that day as a result of firing an FPF with three tube at full charge was that the tubes were so hot that the sealant in the base cap melted and bubbled out of the tubes. My M-60 gun teams had to sleep with the traverse and elevation (T&E) bags because the bag also contained an asbestos glove for barrel changes that mortar men loved to "appropriate." In Vietnam, a lot of Marine mortar teams would just stick the ball end of the mortar into the ground and walk the rounds into the enemy. Much faster than setting up the bipod and sights, but they needed an asbestos glove to avoid burning their hand as they were holding the tube. Sure wish we could simulate THAT in CMX2!
  9. Vet 0369


    And give the man the gold ring! For every advance in weaponry, you'll find a corresponding advance in defense, and visa versa. That's one of the ways we basically bankrupted the Soviet Union. Reagan said we were developing a "Star Wars" defense (Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), and the Soviets went whole hog to develop a way to beat it. Only problem was that there wasn't really an SDI.
  10. Vet 0369


    Thank you for the vote of confidence Sir, but we didn't have Javalins when I was in. We were just getting the TOW, and showing the Manufacturer and the Army that we could do everything they were telling us that we couldn't. For example, they said we couldn't fire a TOW from a moving vehicle, so we mounted a TOW launcher on a jeep and hit the target while the jeep was moving. They said we couldn't change targets in flight, or cross two TOWs in flight, so we did. Moral of the story; never tell the Marines they can't do something, they'll do it just to spite you. Funny story about TOWs. One drill weekend in 1976 or 77, we went up to Ft. Riley, KS to live fire our 60mm mortars. We had to check fire and stand down on the range when an Army APC pulled up on the line, and the bleachers filled up with Army Officers, including a General Officer, for a demonstration. We watched great interest (none of us had ever seen a TOW) as a crew attempted to fire a TOW. WOOSH, BANG, the TOW slammed into the ground about 50 yds out. It must not have traveled far enough to arm the warhead, or it had a dummy, cause there was no explosion. The crew reloaded the launcher, and went back inside the APC. WOOSH, BANG! Same thing, same result. We were starting to chuckle at that point cause we saw the General climb down from the bleachers and enter the APC; we all know that nothing is funnier than another's discomfort, and those poor soldiers were about to get a real butt whooping from the General.After a little while, the General exits the APC, walks into the bleachers, and says "F$&king thing will work now!" Yes we were close enough to hear him. A few minutes later, WOOSH, BANG ; same spot. Our Weapons Platoon Commander, a Captain, says "F$&King thing will work now!" We were roaring, andthe General heard him, but was so embarrassed that he just left. Afterwards, our Skipper called over the Lt. commanding the crew, cause we felt sorry for him and the whooping we knew he was going to get later from his C.O. He had never seen an M2 mortar, so we let him fire a Final Protective Fire (30 rounds down the tube in 60 seconds). From the look on his face, he had just had an orgasm, and we had a friend for life, which is a good thing when you have to use someone else's facilities to train. I have to assume that Javs are in the company or Battalion Weapons platoons because they are heavy weapons. For example, the Ma Duce .50'cal. and 81mm mortars are at Battalion level as were the Dragons that the Jav replaces. The Marines have the 5.56mm squad machine gun now, but the heavier 7.62mm gun that replaces the M-60 might be part of the Company weapons platoon as are the 60mm mortars. I haven't kept up with those changes for decades. Company or Battalion can better employ mortars, Javalins, and medium and heavy machine guns tactically than a rifle platoon can, but a platoon is still reinforced with them as the situation dictates.
  11. +1 to this. IRL, armor ALWAYS drew mortar fire, at least until tactics changed the use of armor in the recent high-mobility battles.. Mortars did very little damage to the armor, but could devastate the infantry around it. Infantry should USUALLY lead the armor, depending on the situation. There is a reason Armor, Artillary, Air are called Supporting Arms! They are are there to support the Infantry in fulfilling it's mission. I drove that point home to a friend in a PBEM in a CMBB scenario The Library. He had placed his Soviet AT teams in buildings along a street he had indentifier as a probable route of attack.. He chose correctly, I did send my Panzers down that street. What he didn't anticipate, was me sending a couple of Infantry squads through the buildings on either side of the approach, taking out all of his AT Teams. Mutual support.
  12. Well, if you read the links that Steve provide, the Barbarians are already beating on the gates of Steam. It should be interesting to watch what transpires, and yes, there are many reasons why people use Steam, but cost seems to be the major one, the same as Wal-Mart.
  13. If they are out of the effective range of their respective weapon, they won't return fire. I will usually give a "target" command and make sure my pixeltruppen is at least within range. For example, Marines will fire at longer ranges than Army because of the differences in the max effective ranges between the Marine M-16 and M-4.
  14. Vet 0369

    CM Helper for CMSF 2

    Actually, I think I'm wrong about using CM Helper. I think I'm using H2H version 2.5.
  15. I also have IL-2 (with all the addons and preorders) and Rise of flight on Steam, but I bought most on the developer's web sites during sales. I would rather pay a little more to make sure the developers get all of the money for the content. I too have DCS with everything except a couple of aircraft, but I bought everything from ED for the same reason stated above. Plus, after the licensing changes, new purchases for DCS on Steam can't be used on the ED DCS version, just the Steam version. I understand the cost factors. When my wife left her job to devote full time to raising our son, we lost 60% of our combined income. So, for 25 years before we retired, we were a one-income family. Want some real fun? First flight in a Gazelle, in VR!😖