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  1. As it explained how the Navy officer in Intentions, Tolman I think, pieced together the different intelligence reports such as the the Soviets replacing batteries in vehicles and Submarines and creating a battery shortage in the civilian sector, boosting patriotic propaganda films, and etc. All of which were intended to bring the Soviet forces to a war footing. Perhaps, to one in your position and experiences, it isn't very believable, but to one as inexperienced as I in these things, it seemed very appropriate. My point being that there is almost always actions and intelligence that provide advance warning of something brewing if taken seriously by the intelligence community.
  2. May I suggest a really good book that could help show that concept? I read "Red Storm Rising" back in the 1980's and found it to be absolutely fascinating. If you haven't already read it, you should give it a shot. There was a later book that followed the same lines about Korea. I think it was "Red Phoenix" or something similar.
  3. Have a GREAT one Mord! I now celebrate every birthday as a victory! You're gonna love the ones that follow (from one who's seen almost 40% more birthdays). Remember, it's much better to be looking at the leaves (or where they'll be) than the roots! By the way, if you want a senior coffe at McD's, just ask. They're not allowed to ask your age. They won't even tell you how old qualifies.
  4. Thank you Sir! Now I don't have to feel that I'm somehow cheating and that my integrity is shattered😇
  5. Personally, I don't consider "edge crawling" to be "gaming" the system. As I understand it, "edge crawl" is moving along the extreme edge of map to remain concealed or to avoid impassible tiles. If the scenario designer wants to prevent it, can't the designer simply replace any "passable" tiles on the edge of the map with "impassable" tiles? In real life, I can assure you that if my recon tells me that they've found a way to move while remaining out of LOS, I owe it to my men to use it and save them from hurt. If I'm concerned that my opponent is going to out flank me that way, I'll simply deploy assets to monitor and avoid being flanked. All it really takes is a scout team to monitor the edge, and any commander worth his(or her) salt will make sure the flanks are secure during a movement! Perhaps it's just because I've never understood the concept of edge crawling. Maybe someone can enlighten me by explaining what edge crawling actually is, and why it's considered an exploit.
  6. I got roped into Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin (CMBB) by a buddy at work about 2003. I fed the addiction with the rest of the CMX1 series until Combat Mission Shock Force (CNSF) was released in 2007. I had a bunch of problems learning in CMSF because of the lethality of the modern battlefield. I didn't really learn how to play consistently until the WWII titles CM Fortress Italy (CMFI) and CM Battle for Normandy (CMBN) were released. The WWII titles are easier to learn because they rely on eye sight instead of electronics, and all your weapons are "dumb." In the CNBS U.S. campaign, I fired a Javalin at a Russian Command BMP about 1,300 meters away. Within a few seconds of the Jav Team firing, a T-90 swung its gun and killed my Jav team (about 1,200 meters away inside the fifth floor of a building)! A few suggestions for CMBS are: 1. To ALWAYS assume that you are under direct observation by the enemy, and to plan your moves accordingly. 2. Use the different view levels appropriate for the unit. Use 1 for ground troops, 2 for armor and larger vehicles, and 3 or 4 for an overview of the battlefield. 3. Whenever possible, break off a two man scout team, and use it to scout ahead to spot or trip any ambushes. You might lose the scout team, but that's better than losing a squad or a vehicle. 4. Before setting up and making your first moves, use the camera level 4 to determine possible or probable avenues of approach. Then using camera level 1 or 2 to look at the entire map for elevation changes you can use for cover. There are many other "must do's," but those are some of the most important. The absolute most important thing yo can do is to read and study Bil Hardenberg's "Battle Drill Blog." The link is in his signature in his post on page 1 of this thread. I noticed you were playing the Ukraine side. I find Ukraine to be the most difficult to play due to outdated equipment and such. You'd probably have an easier time learning if you play the U.S. or the Russian sides, then play the Ukraine after learning the Russian. Welcome to our addiction! Read the forums. You'll find posts and advice from serving and former serving military ( including Ukraine and Russian), and Veterans of Vietnam, Iraq, and Afganistan who speak from experience. Listen to them.
  7. Too far away to tell, but if those antennas are curved, or angled to deflect the RADAR wave from returning back to the base unit that's sending out the waves, then it could be very low visibility. I'm assuming you're talking about the antennas.
  8. I'm currently playing the second mission of Semper Fi: Syria. My Jav team fired a Jav from the top floor of a building at a target. Since I was receiving fire, I decided the move out of the building to an AAV parked behind another building to acquire another Jav. I entered the AAV on one turn, but when I went to acquire the Jav on the next turn, the team already had it without the command to acquire. I don't know if they would have acquired by just being next to the AAV. I'm pretty sure that infantry will share ammo with their own squad only. I positioned a Recon Team that was down to 80 rounds of 5.56 right next to its HQ that had 400 rounds of 5.56 for about three turns. The HQ, even though it was the HQ of the Recon Team, didn't share its ammo. I do know that a mortar crew will use the rounds in a a nearby vehicle before they use their intrinsic ammo, that has been possible since CMBS first came out, but I'm not sure about teams such as MG or AGL Teams. If you want to know for sure, set up a Quick Battle, select the units you want to test the concept, and run the test.
  9. Oh yeah!!!, I just checked it out on the Few Good Men Scenario Depot, and it looks amazing. I will have to download and play it. Is EW enabled? That could interfere with receiving video from a drone.
  10. Yes, I admit that I might have overreacted to the post. However, I honestly saw nothing out of line with the supposed Taliban statement. As I said previously, that is exactly how ALL Marines are trained to break out of an ambush kill zone! You assault the ambush directly, which usually involves running directly at the enemy. While it seems counter-intuitive, you will lose fewer than if you try another maneuver because those other maneuvers keep you in the kill zone longer. The only time you try a different method is is it isn't possible to directly assault the main ambush party, at least that's how we were trained 50 years ago. However, responses might have changed that I don't know about. My back was already up because I had read that upon McArthur's return to the Phillipines, he recommended all the units that had defended Batan and Corrigador for Presidential Unit Citations except one. That one was the 4th Marines on Corrigador. His reason; he said the Marines had too many medals already!
  11. I fought a PBEM as Red against a Blue UKR. My opponent was able to take out a number of my T-90s that had ERA, but not ARENA. I think the ATGMs were Skifs or something - two tubes mounted on top of a wheeled AFV. That was actually a pretty close victory for me, and I was a bit surprised by the vulnerability of the T-90s to the OPLOT cannon-fired ATGMs also. I learned that even if the T-90 pops IR smoke, reverse in a different direction than straight back.
  12. In one of the PBEMs I played last year, I had Blue with two Ravens and a Grey Eagle (one Raven to Start and one Raven and Grey Eagle as reinforcements). My opponent had six Tunguskas. One of my Ravens was brought down by a Tunguska that my opponent had moved in close to my lines (I learned a valuable lesson from that one). I spotted that Tunguska and another with my fwd scouts, brought up Strykers with 40mm AGLs, and took them out. Then I used my Grey Eagle, which is invulnerable to AAA and SAMs to find the rest of the Tunguskas. My opponent had brought all his Tunguskas up close to the line to support his infantry, so I had to teach him a harsh lesson by taking out all of them by precision and point fire based on spotting with my Grey Eagle. Bottom line is to know the limitations of your assets, and use them based on that. A Tunguska can take down a Raven with it's guns, but a Grey Eagle Is invulnerable in Observe mode because it flys so high. If you use a Grey Eagle in Strike mode, it flies low, and is no longer invulnerable. And ALWAYS keep your Tunguska away from the ground fight. If you're given a Tunguska, it's because your opponent has Air Support of some kind. The Tunguska is too valuable an asset to use foolishly!
  13. Holy moly! I just noticed my horrible typing. That last line should be "the modes. If ... Wrong place OR with too late AN area."
  14. How were you using the drones, point, area, or linear? Using point means that you basically have a good idea that something is there, and you're just verifying it, and has the best chance of spotting it. Linear will give you almost as good a chance of spotting along the path, but only out to about 50m to either side. Area is the least accurate method because your chances of spotting something are directly related to the size of the area you are scanning. I've used drones a lot as blue ( I don't remember using them as Red though ), in both AI battles, and PBEM. I've been able to detect vehicles and personnel in all of the modes. If you're not detecting anything or anyone, you're looking in the wrong place of with too large a area.
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