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  1. Just downloaded and installed the v202 patch for CMRT on my mid-2010 Mac Pro. Everything updated correctly, but now I'm having the same issue on the Mac as I had on the PC version (I7-8700k). On the PC, when I opened a saved PBEM save file, the loading went to 25%, froze, than crashed to the desktop. On the Mac, a saved Soviet campaign file reaches 23%, freezes, and then eventually crashes to the desktop. Seems like an issue that is not system dependent since it happens on Windows 10 and MacOS 10.13.6. The PC is using an NVIDIA GTX1080Ti, and the Mac is using a flashed NVIDIA GTX1080. Both systems have 32Gb RAM, so there is something wrong with the CMRT patch.
  2. Steve Et Al, good job on changing in the Marine infantry to M203s in v202. Unfortunately, the Marine Recon Scout teams in the Semper Fi Syria still have M320 grenade launchers. As I pointed out last December, the M320 wasn’t part of any Marine TO&E in 2008.
  3. Thank you. I haven’t tried a Marine QB yet. I feel from automatic selection in QB’s in other families, that one usually has to “tweak” the selection to avoid the situation you stated. However, you can do an automatic selection for your Red Force, and not see it’s composition.
  4. Not quite sure what you are saying here. Is it that the AI isn’t “smart” enough to pick a reasonably appropriate mix of troops and vehicles? What are your force selection criteria? Are they Infantry, or mechanized, or armor, etc? If I’m not mistaken, even after the AI selects it’s forces, you can go in and edit them. In the case of Marine javelins, unlike the squad level Army teams, anti-tank teams are at, I believe (it’s more than 40 years since I was in the USMC, and before javelins were even invented), at a Battalion level, and are usually assigned as reinforcing teams to a Company or platoon, so you must select the teams separately and add them to the lower level formation. Also, if you select a transportation unit, you will get only the vehicles and crew, not infantry. That’s true of all the CM families. I also seem to remember a QB selection of “Suggest” or something like that that definitely allows you to edit the force selection.
  5. One thing that might be adding to the question of what was fixed in which family is the “Readme” file that downloads in the patch for each family. Most of the file seems to be a “cut and paste” from CMBN regarding the QB fix, German Para uniform fix, and such, even in families that aren’t affected by the fixes to the WW II families.
  6. OK, I think the CMRT mystery might be solved. I downloaded and installed the Engine 4 full CMRT. It installed v2.0.1, so I downloaded and installed just the Patch 2.0.0 version. I wasn't able to open the PBEM save game using v2.0.1, it froze at 25%, and I got the OME message. After I installed the v2.0.0 patch, I was able to open the PBEM save file, but a very strange thing happened. When I looked at some of my ground units, the designations had changed from Cavalry to "1st Sherman," 2nd Sherman," and so on. Somehow, the original v2.0.1 to which we upgraded some weeks ago, changed those designations even though the Soviets don't have any armor. That is probably why I was getting the OME message. Unfortunately, it looks like we'll have to delete all of our 60+ saved files and start over since those units were changed to the very first PBEM file that we played. I don't think that will be worth it. I suspect BFC might want to inspect the coding to determine what changed in v2.0.1 that would cause the units to change designation on some computers.
  7. I downloaded the full CMRT installer from the Engine 4 Big Bundle (2016) from my orders page. No love. It downloads and installs Engine 4 up to and including v2.0.1, so apparently that package has already been updated to v2.0.1. I have no way to revert to v2.0.0.
  8. Ok, I had previously tried to revert to v2.00, but couldn’t find any way in the patches. Do I need to download the “CM Red Thunder Engine 4” from the Engine 4 Big Bundle in the orders section of my account? As an additional bit of information, if it matters, we are using CMH.
  9. Just downloaded and installed CMRT patch "02." Unfortunately, when I opened the last PBEM file from my opponent (his might have been "00" or "01," I forget which he sent}, the loading gets to 25% and it freezes, then I get an OUT OF MEMORY error message and the CMRT closes. That amazes me because I have 32 Gb of 3200Hz Corsair Vengeance memory. That's the same issue we were having when we updated to "01." Am I doing something wrong? This is on a stock scenario, "The Woroblin Bridgehead." Everything was working just fine up to patch "01."
  10. As it explained how the Navy officer in Intentions, Tolman I think, pieced together the different intelligence reports such as the the Soviets replacing batteries in vehicles and Submarines and creating a battery shortage in the civilian sector, boosting patriotic propaganda films, and etc. All of which were intended to bring the Soviet forces to a war footing. Perhaps, to one in your position and experiences, it isn't very believable, but to one as inexperienced as I in these things, it seemed very appropriate. My point being that there is almost always actions and intelligence that provide advance warning of something brewing if taken seriously by the intelligence community.
  11. May I suggest a really good book that could help show that concept? I read "Red Storm Rising" back in the 1980's and found it to be absolutely fascinating. If you haven't already read it, you should give it a shot. There was a later book that followed the same lines about Korea. I think it was "Red Phoenix" or something similar.
  12. Have a GREAT one Mord! I now celebrate every birthday as a victory! You're gonna love the ones that follow (from one who's seen almost 40% more birthdays). Remember, it's much better to be looking at the leaves (or where they'll be) than the roots! By the way, if you want a senior coffe at McD's, just ask. They're not allowed to ask your age. They won't even tell you how old qualifies.
  13. Thank you Sir! Now I don't have to feel that I'm somehow cheating and that my integrity is shattered😇
  14. Personally, I don't consider "edge crawling" to be "gaming" the system. As I understand it, "edge crawl" is moving along the extreme edge of map to remain concealed or to avoid impassible tiles. If the scenario designer wants to prevent it, can't the designer simply replace any "passable" tiles on the edge of the map with "impassable" tiles? In real life, I can assure you that if my recon tells me that they've found a way to move while remaining out of LOS, I owe it to my men to use it and save them from hurt. If I'm concerned that my opponent is going to out flank me that way, I'll simply deploy assets to monitor and avoid being flanked. All it really takes is a scout team to monitor the edge, and any commander worth his(or her) salt will make sure the flanks are secure during a movement! Perhaps it's just because I've never understood the concept of edge crawling. Maybe someone can enlighten me by explaining what edge crawling actually is, and why it's considered an exploit.
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