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  1. HimAgain: I am unable to copy this file. Why not post it to CMMOD ? Thanks
  2. The file "military_flag_sprites" is in the wromg place. Go to the Global Campaign folder under Campaigns, and Copy or move it from the Interface folder to the Bitmaps folder.
  3. Great job on these flags. Why is the French tricolor used for Algeria, and not the Algerian flag? Morocco and Tunisia use their independance colors.
  4. I have really enjoyed this MOD – both in SC2 and WaW. In the latter one I think that we need to add the following script to Activation 3 ; Event for UK occupation of Iceland: { #NAME= Iceland->Allies (Denmark Surrendered To Axis) #POPUP= UK Garrisons Iceland #IMAGE= #SOUND= #FLAG= 1 #TYPE= 1 #AI= 0 #COUNTRY_ID= 22 #TRIGGER= 25 #DATE= 1939/09/03 ;100% activation increase towards Allies #ACTIVATION= [100,100] [2] ;Set variable conditions: ;1st Line - Denmark politically aligned with Allies and surrendered #VARIABLE_CONDITION= 16 [2] [100] [1] } Otherwise Iceland and Greenland become Axis minors rather than Allied minors on the surrender of Denmark to the Axis.
  5. The file miltary_flag_sprites is in the wrong sub-folder in the game folder. Move (or copy) it from Interface to Bitmaps, and the Estonians will no longer be directing the defence of France.
  6. I don't think that the A-Bomb is an idea that will work very well in this game,
  7. CSS -- You will also want to delete the Swedish destroyer that is NOT in port, or the same thing will happen if Sweden is activated
  8. I live in Toronto -- HC's home town. I pre-ordered, and have yet to receive the mailing. Oh well, perhaps that's just Canada Post !!
  9. I agree. I never play with the 3D units as I find them confusing and sometimes difficult to determine which is which.
  10. HC, this is not self-evident to those who did not play the original MOD. (BTW, Houston and adjacent oilfields are also included). A read-me file included with the campaign might be helpful
  11. Also, if you prefer playing with military counters instead of the 3d version, you need to move the military_flag_sprites bmp from the interface file to the bitmaps file. Otherwise you don't get the correct flags on HQ units. (What are the Estonians doing commanding the French forces?)
  12. You need to add a script similar to the one for the West Commonwealth for them to DOW the Axis. Also, while you're making corrections, you might want to change the name of the country in Northern South America from Colombia to Venezuela in order to match the Venezuelan flag and the capital of Caracas.
  13. After loading SCWaW, is it necessary or desireable to keep SC2 on the HD? The Expansion Pack seems to contain eveything (and a bit more) than SC2.
  14. I, for one, am anxiously looking forward to Thrawn78's mod in WaW. His boss should give hime the two weeks off as soon as the Expansion Pack is released.
  15. So far there is NO special AI scripting for this terrific scenario. Hopefully powergmbh is only waiting for the WaW release to provide this.
  16. I have played this scenario through several times as Axis -- have yet to try Allied side against AI. Echo Night's comments on AI's refusal to use USSR or USA MPP's to good effect. Also the Eastern British Commonwealth won't join the Allies unless DOWed. Surely we should see Australia and NZ in from the outset -- although Aussie units show up in Egypt. The map work is superb. This scenario is a great one, and hopefully will be updated with release of WaW. It has some very clever features but needs some scripting to make AI more effective Question. Why do the cities of Urmuchi (19,25) and Kashgar (253,20) have ports on small lakes? Was the intent to have a naval loop between the two? Another question. The cities of Kunming (19,25) and J'enan (23,22) are in China, but all of the surrounding territory is Manchuria. How is that supposed to work? Congrats to powergmbh !!
  17. Small point. Caracas is the capital of Venezuela and not Colombia. And Maracaibo is also in Venezuela, not Colombia. You may wish to edit the Localization file accordingly. Nice scenario
  18. Houstons are at 131,25 (capital) and 135,25. Maybe make the first one Dallas -- more the "oil capital" anyway. A very interesting concept, powergmbh, I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
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