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  1. Been a few years, last time had some rigmarole with unregistering/re-registering a license after getting a new PC. Now I can't login to the downloads area (assuming it's still there) and there doesn't seem to be a forgot password mechanism either. Wanted to play WaW before deciding on buying Global Conflict, but if it's going to be this much of a hassle to install, I'll look elsewhere.
  2. No rush. Honestly, it's so nice to hear from someone who's actually responsible for the code/programming vs. getting some canned response from customer service (like every other software vendor out there). </rant>
  3. Not a huge deal, and probably fairly rare, but I noticed when my Corps was adjacent to the port at Rostov, and itself was occupied by a sub, I captured it intact on the next turn when the Russian sub fled. The city itself was taken and scorched like normal, but the port was not.
  4. Not sure what happened but it's July 1940, and all of a sudden all the convoy routes are grayed out in the Convoy Map (see attached .jpg). Halifax and Suez are still allied occupied and Liverpool remains untouched as well.
  5. Doh. That makes sense. Want to be able to surf the Web while the AI is "thinking..."
  6. I've tried unchecking the full screen option in the settings, but it doesn't appear to have an effect at all. Any way to run the game in windowed mode?
  7. Yes, I was ALT-TABing back and forth while it was compiling. No, I didn't try to go back into that one particular scenario but I did get into several others and it worked fine, so you're probably correct.
  8. Can someone enlighten me on what these AI settings mean? Has there been any noticeable changes made in PDE regard this? Thanks
  9. I skipped a few pages of the thread and noticed we're now talking about human vs. human only. Is this campaign not ready for AI play?
  10. Hello, Tried opening Honch Expanded Fall Weiss PDE.cgn (latest from cmmods) in the PDE Editor (1.01) and got the following error: --------------------------- draw_sprite_array(0) --------------------------- DIRECTX FAILED: dderr_invalidrect --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Windows XP Service Pack 2 P4 2.8GHz 2 GB PC3200 RAM DirectX 9.0c Have the video acceleration option checked off in the main game; not sure if that affects the editor.
  11. Not quite sure what PDE offers besides the new campaigns vs. WaW. The AI is supposedly better (and I don't play MP generally) and the map is larger, but the rest (commandos, double strikes, etc.) were in WaW. Can anyone list the differences between the two?
  12. Tried copying and editing the new global campaign that comes with SC2 1.08 but after saving and playing, Japan is France and France is Estonia, even though I only modified the victory.txt conditions and Country Data > Germany.
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