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  1. I think the forced march mode is quite interisting as it prevents move and attack, while permitting to come quite fast onto a theatre of Operation. Now my question would be: how to explain tha AI when to use forced march and when not? Actually an AI Plan doesn't care of readiness factors, which would mean if Naval Units would be below a certain readiness, a Plan would never be executed ( which may be a good Thing ). but if the AI brings a lot of DD via Forced march, it may be not a so good idea, as the Sub simply goes away on the next turn. On the other side an idea of giving a Naval u
  2. Hi Ludi, good Point here. I think this can be adressed quite simple by the help of Decision Events. I.e. A Mayor Nation can be "asked" or if AI it would be automated to supply one or more possibly thread Minors. In the Case of Finland, Germany couldbe Asked on the Winter War time if it would help out Mannerheim by Arms Trades. So on the case of Attack by RUS, Finland would dispose the Decision Event Units planned. Similarly to Iceland, Hungary, (Yougoslavia allready made) Spain Portugal Greece and other Countries. I think US could receive some DE of this type so that GB doesnt have
  3. imho thoughts reqarding Divisionas and different Unit types in diferent nations: Isn't it the most simple approach to compare the quantity of man? let's say in SC2-3 a Corps has 30K man and an Army 60K. how much Divisions is this in Russian Units? 2,5? and in US Units 3,9 Divisions? If a possible SC3 has Manpower as "resource" wouldn't it be more logic to leave the final and total amount of man in the Unit as base and not how much divisions or whatever sub-fractions are "inside" this unit? One could say ok, recruiting man in URSS is easier than in USA, but this could be solved with
  4. Hi mcaryf1, i allways read with interest your Posts, as they are well thought before writing and helpful. I personally think Loops in a future would be obsolete, if the global map Scrolling would be in place. first the AI is not so Loopo-phile and mostly it is a dificult thing to explain the AI proper Looping. second i think that the travelling distance capabilities of Naval Units may be upgraded. I.e. if a Naval Unit travels "normal Speed" with 8 Tiles there would be "no" or not much "cost" (MPP, Oil or whatever Energy) while each more tile with higher Speed would exponentially inc
  5. Well the issues posted here would guide the game into NO-GO Areas, killing a lot of What if's. On the other side: would it really be soo far that the Allied side "protects" Ireland from Axis Invasion? It's mostly a an Issue of "who has the best Propaganda" at least. i.e. Axis Invaded DK, NL and BE definiteley with a "defense against Allied Agression" propaganda (which obviously didn't work). Allied Side was far better describing any actions as "humanitary" or on behalf of "Freedom". In a possible SC3 one could think of a "Technology" Called "Propaganda Eficiencity" which would reduce the
  6. David12345: dis you put the settings on the AI as very experienced? this may significantly change the situation. I must say i played Axis and must admit that with the profound scenario knowledge i manage to win, but it was never a walkthrough even knowing all AI Plans. I almost never get even Smolensk in 41 not to speak about Moscow. i soemtimes got "surprised" by retards in the African campaign with tanks needed for Russia and stuck in El Alamein... In Japan i never got China fallen, but almost allways India. I guess you are not an average Player but rather an Expert, where you can exp
  7. You give me to think! this seems to me like an exploit and a "non-historic" behaviur that gives more sucsess.. I found it always "important" to have a Rail-Link up to Singapore in order to have Supply Level 8. I think this advantage would be important enough, no? Any thoughts? should there be more reasons than the above in order to take Nanning?
  8. Here is what normally helps ( at least against the AI ) for Nanning: 0) forget about other Goal Positions. Go on defense mode for all(!) other Fronts. possibly retreat to more secure positions ( also Around Peking) 1) Use at least your 2 Special Forces. 2) Use 2 Armys (one of them preferably the Wuhan,Level 11-12 Army) better 3 and optional Corps. 3) As you have done, the Position of the HQ is ok. 4) Wait for good Weather, May - Aug. 5) Use your 3 Carriers (full strength) and position them in a way they can reach Nanning. 6)Place your fighter in range as well. 7) Check to have also "li
  9. Seamonkey: I agree, i also tried to think how reflect the Supply on islands. An allready working approach could be to reduce supply with the simple presence of ennemy units in a preset range. This could be helpful for Malta or the Pacific. mcaryf1: yes, sorry i forgot the cheaper "naval resurection" inside Ports. I have no idea how this could be adressed without real programing. actually the cheap rebuild works for Supply >5, but this doesn't work for Naval units. i think it must come down to a new Idea. In this Respect one should also consider what is a Port? I would i.e. see a recovery
  10. mcaryf1: so if i amalgame the entire Tread i hold following idea: -a Speed Value is given to each naval Unit, and helps as follows: in Patrol Mode it may help to engage and win a Naval encounter, and in "Silent" Mode it helps to move on the map with less probability of beeing intercepted. -a Bomber becomes more expensive but features aditional functions i.e. Spotting, providing Supply for units in Range or heavy Bombing, or more. -Carrier Units shall be divided in at least 2 diferent Types: Light, and Heavy, (optionally Escort Carriers) -Attac and Spotting Range of Airfleets must be reduce
  11. mcaryf1: Well i would come back to the Naval System. If the cost of Bombers where really as you describe compared to Naval Units, how would you represent this in the Game? If you come down to a simple game: Imagine a BB would cost 190 MPP while a BmbrCmd would cost 600 MPP... Who the heck would buy a BmbrCmd? If this Airfleets where as expensive as you said, then the whoole Allied Bombing Strategy shouold be regarded as a full failure regardless they won the war... I had often advocated an idea of "effectivenes" Factor in this Game, where a Player ( and the AI ) is rated by the most effectiv
  12. The "Speed" factor as a simple value could be an idea in regards to the question: What is an encounter between Naval Units? Actually the ennemy Units pop up if your naval unit meets them in Range. Now if i make a mix between "Speed-Factor" , "Sid Meier's Pirates" and SC it could be defined as follows: -If the engine marks up a standart "meeting" on the Sea, then a window would pop up and tell: "Sir we have spot a "Naval Unit-Type" our Escape Chances are "Friendly-Speed-Factor / Ennemy Speed Factor" in %. Adtitionally our intelligence reports "Random-NavalUnits-Check of 1-2 Tiles around the
  13. mcaryf1: I have read and re-read your posts on the Naval Issues, and i wonder following: how would you adress the problem that a player can reassemble almost all ships of the north atlantic to bog down an ennemy ship. isn't the main idea that Battle groups where meeting ennemy battle groups in their set formation and that there where no way in a given Time of the Battle, of joining in other Groups? I thought of a possibility where there would be a sort of "same-level-chance-encounter" and after that BOTH units would be randomly replaced on other tiles ( range 1-4 ) in order to make it im
  14. WoW! you got a big Chance there! This probably can occur only on the tile 100,28 AND has the chance of 1:11 (9%). If you add that the Diving chance is 50% then you had a 4,5% Chance... Slightly better chance than to win a Roulette bet...Congratulations:rolleyes: i think it is an rather improbable issue, and i hope you took advantage of this singular event!
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