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  1. The "FINAL" Decision: USSR is at the Beginning a Minor Neutral Nation. A Small City Moscow ( Allies ) is placed in the Arctic ( Non Takable ), And a small "Japan City" is Placed in the Arctic ( nontakeable ), and A "small China City" as well On the Finnland War Time, Allies UK is Asked if it wants to support Finnland against the URSS Agression. If Yes ( nonhistoric ) FIN activates Pro Allies, and USSR Pro Axis(!) To reduce the Axis Boost URSS becomes very low Units and regular Strength/MPP events ( Hunger Revolts etc ). USA Mobilizes early. a Minor Active Axis Japan Surrenders to a new All
  2. Engine: Current updated Synopsis: Minor Countris can Align politically more independently Design Summary: i.e. Finnland can be at War 100% VS UdSSR while beeing neutral TO Germany. Also Vichy France can be at war VS. Britain, while beeing Neutral TO USA and neutral TO Germany. This Change has BIG consequences on players behavoir to it's minor allies. At least it is "only" one new "#Alignment=" Definition: Possible Ranges [1] to [6] Definition of Range: 1= UK 2= USA 3= USSR 4= Germany 5= Japan 6= Italy #Surrendered to= ;[Range 1 to 6] #Variable Condition= ;[Range 1
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