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  1. AoD is the BEST game ever. (Or at least so far )
  2. Actually I think that Myanmar (Burma) and Liberia are the only countries in the world other than the United States that have not adopted the metric system. That puts the Americans in pretty fast company, doesn't it?
  3. If only we knew how "soon" I'm planning to take a week off as soon as I know
  4. Disregard previous post. I found the solution in the manual, which I should have read first. "Run the program as administrator".
  5. In past versions of SC I was able to edit a scenario and save it under a new name directly to the Campaign sub-folder. AoC will not let me save an edited scenario to this folder. And if I try to save to some other location, permission is denied and the Editor closes down. Can anybody help me solve this? Thanks.
  6. Bob. I agree. I don't see anything wrong with SeaMonkey's comments. Maybe it's the waiting that's getting to all of us. :-)
  7. Yes DL, today would be a VERY good day for the release :-)
  8. I have to agree with Numdydar. Eastern Front Only games are not my favourite. I'm REALLY looking forward to AoD, but I guess it means waiting longer. No worries, though HC, I'll no doubt BUY both of them :-)
  9. Anxiously awaiting the release of AoC/AoD. Have been going through the Screen Shots. I believe that your rule is to use the English spelling for place names, in which case the Belgian capital would be Brussels (with a final "s").
  10. I always keep all the sounds turned off so that my wife doesn't know that I am game playing and thinks that I'm working
  11. Little Jon: That would be "Tora Tora Tora", I presume. "Toro" would be the fat underbelly of the tuna as served in sushi bars. Or "Bull" in Spanish, which might be even more appropriate in your case ;-)
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