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  1. Restricted DOWs: Put a toggle in the editor to allow or not allow DOWs upon it by certain alignments. For example, a UK DOW on Venezuela, I don't think so. Save APs: Please stop punishing me for accidentally clicking away from a unit after movement but before combat!!!!! Restrict air operation: Make fighetrs and tac air transportable and put a limit on their operation range. Hexes: Just kidding..... Buildable roads and railroads: Allow railroads and roads to be built like forts are. (Allow strat air to destroy railroads) Rail, roads and forts can be built in any fri
  2. I'm back and want to list the features that the game needs: Overland convoy routes: Persia to USSR (representing USA to USSR) Vichy to Germany Germany to Italy Romania to Germany Turkey to Germany Enemy land and air units can interdict. Expanded oil feature: Make oil more valuable. If you don't have control of oil resources you're mechanized units don't move as far. At sea supply: A right click can re-supply distant ships at an MPP cost and with a chance of failure based on distance from closest port and number of enemy ships nearby. Flip-flops: Let nations go ba
  3. More advanced and probably requiring extra engine programming: USSR surrender: Upon Axis occupation of Leningrad, Moscow and Kiev, USSR offers an armistice. Stalin is deposed, Zhukov assumes power. All territory behind the Volga is transferred to a new minor nation with capital in Kuybishev. New units are added to the map to replace the old ones. Moscow is returned to this nation as part of the deal and any Axis units East of the Volga return West. The nation is 50% Allied but events will trigger a re-entry into the war.
  4. Ukraine: Once the Axis take Odessa, Kiev and Rostov they have the option of creating the Reich Kommisariat Ukraine. All Ukraine territory (except Crimea) is transferred to a new nation. General Vlassov HQ, a half strength army and fighter appear in Kiev. Odessa and Rostov both get half strength corps. It would cost the Acis MPPs to set it up but then negates all partisans on Ukraine territory. SAS: For an inital MPP outlay, UK can activate SAS and then each turn there is a small chance of supply attacks on French, Belgian, Spanish (if active) and Norwegian ports occupid by Axis. P
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