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  1. 7. Forgot a big one. I HATE it when the enemy garrisons cities with air units and an entire corps cannot destroy the unit on the first turn. Air units should take damage AND automatically retreat within half their range. If no hex to go then they ditch. This is probably a good idea for SC3 in general.
  2. This expansion absolutely needs to be part of SC3, if not on release then definately on an SC3 expansion. For SC3 it needs the following: 1. Mine fields. Allow destroyers to lay fields for an MPP cost. They would have a % chance of causing damage and stopping movement of naval units. Destroyers can also spend a turn to clear a field. 2. Shore guns. Not the shore gun unit available in the editor but the ability of cities and ports to strike at naval units next to them. I shouldn't be able to float my boats up past Gallipoli for example without risk of getting hit. This could also be acco
  3. 1939 HONCH Expanded Fall Weiss is being posted!
  4. I am in the final stages of transferring 1939 HONCH Expanded Fall Weiss to the Global Gold engine. It should be up this weekend. For those of you new to the MOD: 1. Corps and division based OOB. All armies are broken down into their requisite corps and division groups with Army Group Commanders. 2. Expanded naval OOB. 3. Germany can create the puppet states of Croatia, Ukraine and Egypt. 4. Italy can create the puppet state of Montenegro. 5. Additional Vichy nations of French Madagascar and French West Africa. 6. New Axis decisions to expand on Operation Weserubung: The invasion of
  5. You are using the old version where the script wouldnt recognize UK units in certain Belgian tiles. The new version is fixed.
  6. I was sure that it was working but I will double check again.
  7. Last minute changes to MEDIA file. Will be posted tomorrow.
  8. Thoughts for V5....... Having a new pro-Axis nation of Egypt created if the Axis occupy Alexandria. It would include a new Egyptian Nationalist Army. A new DE for Italy to commence offensive operations in East Africa. A new DE for the UK to invade Madagascar. If they don't, Japanese subs may use the island to reduce convoys from British Empire. Further balance adjustments to French morale and scripts. I am also considering transfer of the MOD to Global Gold to take advantage of some engine updates.
  9. The campaign files and the MEDIA folder will be in the Battlefront repository under World War I by tomorrow evening.
  10. Zionist rebel attacks in Palestine. DE for assigning O'Connor to lead the WDF. UK occupying Crete after the surrender of Greece. Increased the cost of HQs for all nations. Gave Italy motorization level one. Reduced the effect of naval units being near Sweden, Finland and Norway. Expanded the force pool of the British Empire. Increased the costs for the UK to reinforce East Africa. Scripts added for the creation of and Allied invasion of French Madagascar. Made Free Poland a minor of Poland and started an MPP transfer for support from the UK. Adjusted the Fall Weserubung scripts to ac
  11. That's an interesting and definately a rare occurance. Making scripts to account for every possibility is very tough. In a recent game France surrendered while the Belgians and British fought on for several months in Belgium. I will see what can be done. I have fixed the BEF NM issue and I have also adjusted the French NM scripts so that France will fight longer if the Germans are not as quick to get into France. Version 4 is finished and will be uploaded tomorrow. It includes everything previously mentioned plus the following......
  12. Yes, I have been considering foreign Waffen SS and Ost Battalions.
  13. Ouch, that sucks. The script fires if there are too few units in France starting in January 1940. I will have to add Belgium to the checks. Thanks for the update. Version 4 will be ready soon. It includes alot of new stuff including the DEs for creation of the Ukraine, possible early armistice with the USSR, Caucasian separatist partisans and the DE for the USSR to send Joseph Beria and the NKVD, expanded consequences for the USSR to launch the Winter War, increased unit costs for all minors except for Canada, adjusted starting OOBs for the USSR, DE for Italy to consider attacking Greece
  14. I have set the USSR at 0% due to the close relations with the Axis at the start of the war. They were even at the point in 1940 were Stalin was making overtures to the Germans to join a new four power pact with them and carve up the British Empire. I have compensated by increasing the starting OOB upon war with the Axis and adding the Persian convoy and extra resources in Siberia. In addition, the USSR will never surrender. Their last capital is the Soviet Far East.
  15. Download the media file and put it in the campaign folder named Storm Over Europe (MOD). There were a number of script errors introduced in V3 that I have fixed. I am re-posting now.
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