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  1. Having both games I'd say the Italy one has much more variety. Especially if you go for the GL option as well. The RT game is good as well but for me it lacks something that I can't quite put my finger on where as FI has a whole varsity of Axis and allied units. It really does depend what your into most, big tanks or smaller more unusual units and vehicles.
  2. How long did it take to make that ensemble?
  3. Well I looked at it just now and it says V2.0 but that it has been discounted by a further $10 so that when V3.0 arrives you won't have to pay the extra to upgrade.
  4. Hi mate! Its been a long time since we spoke, glad to see your still playing. I've recently come back to it myself, been playing CMRT this past few weeks and was toying with getting Black Sea but not sure if I want to return to modern warfare for many reasons. Geordie
  5. Honestly, if your a fan of the CM series then the price is not exorbitant for the amount of hours you get back. I played the CMx1 games for a decade and have played the CMx2 games since 2007. If you think of the costs as a through life gaming experience then it works out to be one of the cheaper forms of entertainment around. Try taking 4 folk to a cinema on a Friday night with Hot Dogs, drinks and popcorn. You will pay more than 60 Euros for that one evenings entertainment.
  6. Mord Just modding up my CMRT and these were one of my go to Mods along with Juju. As usual, thanks for doing them. Cheers
  7. I already own Citadel by Mark Healey, would recommend that one to anyone, slightly less pages....
  8. Is there a planned release date for this title?
  9. Thanks for this Juju, I've looked at the game but put off playing it until this Mod arrived. Much appreciated.
  10. I feel exactly the same, Im actually not playing it right now as I hate those green weapons..... Hate them.....
  11. I tried to buy RT yesterday and kept getting a message that my transaction had failed a fraud test. I recently changed ISP so I'm guessing that might have been my problem or connected to it. However, I then bought the game via PayPal and it worked fine and I was able to download it. It might be totally unrelated though but just in case someone has the same problem this fixed it for me.
  12. Looks good. Looking forward to this one, have been for a while.
  13. Ah, Ive checked and I forgot to remove my MODs. Thanks for this info. You know this is the first time Ive forgotten to do that:(
  14. Since installing 2.11 I seem to have a few strange QB options: Walther P38 which gets you German MOUT formation? Isnt MOUT a modern term? Porche, which gets you German Airborne. Seems strange to have a formation named after a pistol and a Person.. Im assuming its a Bug.
  15. Well as the Germans were in the main defending in Normandy I would say that sounds about right. When the Germans were attacking I assume it was reversed.
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