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    Fetchez la Vache reacted to panzersaurkrautwerfer in Armata soon to be in service.   
    It is not in terms of the politics, but it is essential to understanding the "why" of Russian defense planning.  Clauswitz was pretty clear on the link between the politics-military affairs relations, and that is still quite valid.  Russian force posture will continue to reflect is political beliefs and orientation, just as much as a nation who's defense priorities include "brain slug defense" will invest heavily in hats made of salt.
    Which is really why asking me to array Russian forces is silly.  I know there's no conventional threats to Russia, and that much of the thousands and thousands of T-72 and BMP-2 type stuff is simply underutilized scrap metal at this point.  Into the smelter with all of them, buy the six or seven Armatas with the proceeds.  Nuclear modernization is honestly the only "defense" project Russia needs at this point because it is, and remains, a defense to which there's no effective counter (the current generations of ABMs being great for ensuring the three missiles or so Iran/DPRK has get shot down, but doing about zero against anything more than a handful of missiles).  There is also a total and abject lack of countries with a reasonable intent to invade Russian soil, legitimately Russian or otherwise.  
    But if I believe Merkle is about a very small mustache away from releasing the "real" German military which is hiding in the cellars of Berlin to come and eat all our babushka wearing grandmas and to rape the soil itself in a physical sense (the soil was asking for it, dirty whore soil!), then simply waves of obsolete, wastes of money, time, and soldier equipment will be essential in the forthcoming struggling of patriotic fervor! I must keep all the tanks!  Or else!  Something!  Really!
    Which paradoxically makes Russia less secure in the long run, because this narrative of constant threat against the Russian people is equally met by the historical narrative of Russians coming west with equal terror and rapey nature to the eastward invasions.  And to that end it ensures the only way to really make a threat to Russia is for Russia to give the west a reason to suspect it which by god Russia has been just great at that from about 1946 on with tanking a short break circa 1991-2002 or so.
    Anyway.  Acting like defense exists purely in some sort of apolitical vacuum is simply not enough analysis to be worthy of the name.  Russia needs conventional defenses like we need more reality TV shows at this point.
    And it's already a poor return on investment if it's tromping around in outdated hardware "just in case!" nuclear deterrence fails.  I imagine you could get away with 500-600 and not feel less safe.  There's simply no realistic mission for any of them (troops coming in being doubtful in the extreme, and an offensive into NATO is already pointless, with the "forces" arrayed in the East  China could likely take what it wanted already if it was simply a matter of force imbalance).  The realistic mission for Russian ground forces is limited warfare conducted against neighbors, and being the extreme end of internal security matters (as there's already more than a few internal security agencies).  Simple as that.  The US military has something like 700,000 active "ground" branch personnel but that is with global commitments and a logistical branch to match.  With no global reach outside of what is done with nuclear weapons, and no realistic missions that do not share a land border with Russia, 700,000-1 million is having a suitcase full of parkas in the Sahara.  Wasteful, pointless, and a burden to the person who has to carry it.
    Smartass answer:
    I'm going to scrap it all, build the biggest dacha I can, and sleep comfortably under a nuclear umbrella.
    Less smartass answer:
    I'm going to seriously assess what parts of Russia are essential to Russia being able to exist as a functional country.  I'll align assets against those first.  Then I'm going to assess what routes from the proverbial hinterlands to the heartlands are most able to support military operations.  A simple reality is that while tanks can go all over, the logistics train cannot, there's going to be something that a potential invader will tie his logistics to (or potentially a network of lesser routes).  From that, I'll build a comprehensive asset denial plan to make transiting those hinterlands difficult (demolition, flooding etc etc) that can be carried out by local security forces or even civil servants.  Then I'll allocate some manner of forces to cover these approaches.  Basically mirroring the old American type ACR, armor heavy but all arms under the same BDE/REG structure, their job would be to keep the enemy from being able to advance rapidly, or threatening flanks and rear areas.
    The only realistic way to defend Russia is a mobile type defense. Right now in so many words you have the "good" stuff concentrated regionally but not against threats.  Then you have lots of stuff that still costs money that is of minimal value against a force that can actually invade Russia.  This is dumb.  If in a few years the western thing settles down, but by god China is getting uppity it requires a much more pronounced realignment.  Having forces that may be garrisoned centrally, but that are capable of rapid movement is by far more optimal, and instead of simply wasting region's forces away, instead having a smaller Cavalry style organization who's job is to die gallantly while giving time for mobile forces to mass in theater (as again, this is not 1941 and there are simply not the forces to have more than one primary theater) for the counter attack is a better use of money, and resources.  
    Anyway it's a moot point as the whole nuclear weapons thing makes this about as likely as discussing the Mexican invasion of Texas.  But right now it's forces spread thin, often protecting "space" vs "things."  A smaller, mobile force with more cutting edge equipment that can be massed while screening forces buy time is the best solution.
    I don't.  It's just marginal utility without more wheeled assets in terms of AT or direct fire support.  I think there's like 50 Nona-SVKs for the entire Russian military?  There really needs to be something that can fill some tanklike roles in the BTR formations without being a tank.  Or else you can move rapidly all over and get your teeth kicked in by Type 98s or whatever.
    We have been invaded through Canada, and Russian Imperialist claims are still voiced by members of the Russian government!  It is at least as serious of a threat as NATO is to Russia.  Also Sarah Palin can totally see you guys and that stuff you're doing.
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    Fetchez la Vache reacted to John Kettler in Combat training ground near Luhansk?   
    You've been all over me of late, to include your deliberate baiting of me, despite numerous direct requests from me that you stop doing so, in a thread I started specifically to appease others who were complaining that I'd made too many posts. You knew full well when you did it that I wasn't allowed to so much as mention the things you brought up. Additionally it's readily demonstrable that you've been on me for years. I called you no name whatsoever. Rather, I addressed the behavior of both you and LukeFF. It's very ironic that you savage me over and over again with no thought whatsoever for me, my feelings, or even the effects your savage campaign has had on me and my creaky and fragile health. I'm not supposed to be stressed, you know this, yet you deliberately do things which cause me great stress. If you ever said something about your family and sensitivities related thereto, I must've missed it. That you should complain about being insulted after what you've been doing to me for a very long time is rich beyond words. Lying about me is okay with you. Slandering me is okay with you. Deliberately mischaracterizing me is okay with you. Conducting character assassination of me is okay with you. This set of observations must be true, because you've done, and continue to do, all those things and more. I've done everything but stand on my head to get you to behave appropriately toward me, but you won't do it. You might back off briefly, but that's all. Yet you're demonstrably capable of being socially appropriate with other Forumites. But you insist on coming at me like a rabid dog.
    Now, let me set you straight. Steve never gave me an infraction. I got one from Moon over a year ago because you, in your typical perverse style, went over to a place I must not name, came back, made some outrageous set of accusations based on that, and I, placed once again in a situation in which I was under yet another vile attack from you, sought to defend myself by showing what was really said by me and got so worked up I inadvisedly posted a link to a certain place. That got me the Moon rocket, so to speak, because of the rule prohibiting commercial links. I worked my way eventually out of that. Steve has asked me in the past not to start posts on certain hot topics after you et al. went nuclear time and again in response to them. Nor have you ever let me off the hook for several technical mistakes I made regarding V-2 installations, mistakes I've several times publicly admitted. It has served you well in your endless efforts to discredit and humiliate me. You even went so far as to wreck a 2012 CMA thread in which several of us had a great discussion going on Russian lasers, one in which there was a serious military-technical discussion being conducted. Since any topic along the lines you know quite well automatically led to enormous Forum upheaval from you et al.,, Steve, in my estimation, decided to avoid future board explosions by not having certain things discussed. That's his prerogative. As the old SEAL Team Six saying goes "Thou hast not to like it, thou just hath to do it." Which is what I've been doing ever since.
    Thus, I am in full compliance with the Forum Rules, and I rigorously honor Steve's request. Additionally, and with no rule existing requiring me to do so, I'm not allowed to so much as mention a certain endeavor of mine quite well known to you.  That's from ChrisND, I deem it unfair, but there's nothing I can do about it. So now, I'm under the Forum Rules plus two other strictures. I got the warning because, and again not from any rule violation, I dared to state that information of a category I'm not allowed to state anymore (unless, per Steve's statement, I publicly provide my sources) confirmed a certain widely viewed YT vid. Again, I violated no  Forum Rules and was shocked to get a Warning out of the blue. Thus, you go around breaking Forum Rules like twigs, go way out of your way to conduct a broad array of prohibited direct and indirect ad hominem attacks against me, make my life, both on the Forums and at home, very stressful and unpleasant. Because of you and your (insert strong pejorative here) ilk, I'm now forced to operate as though I'm walking in pitch black, on thin ice. Heavily mined thin ice. Practically afraid to sneeze. Unless and until someone at BFC starts subjecting you and certain others to the same standards which have practically stifled me for some time now, you get to operate without a care in the world while I, despite disabilities, a brain injury from which I'm recuperating, and a bunch of other things, have to always exercise profound care what I over say and how I say it. Else, I'll be gone, not you and your brethren. Which, I have to say, very much appears to be your real objective in assailing me the way you do. 
    Frankly, Wicky, for you to come at me as an injured, aggrieved innocent party is like the boy who murdered everyone in his family and when arrested, brought to trial and convicted, threw himself on the mercy of the Court. Why? On the grounds he was now an orphan! You have led a very charmed life on the Forums, and by any reasonable review of the vast evidence of your ongoing malefactions, ought long ago, in my considered view, to have been banished for good. Why you're still here is a great mystery to me.
    John Kettler 
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    Fetchez la Vache reacted to panzersaurkrautwerfer in Armata soon to be in service.   
    I imagine it's just a matter of Ctrl+C from an undamaged model and then Ctrl+V.  Experienced operators can have that fixed right up.  
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    Fetchez la Vache reacted to dan/california in I miss my infantry.....   
    Nobody brought up the computer controlled airburst rounds.  These COMEPLETLY change the tank infantry equation, spotted equals dead, period.  Its not quite as bad once you get past a thousand meters, but still, its fire one missile and leave. If you're lucky, otherwise its fire one and die.
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    Fetchez la Vache reacted to Jock Tamson in Graphics suck?!!?!?!   
    Yes, this is one of the things that reassures me he isn't actually Derek Smart 
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    Fetchez la Vache got a reaction from AkumaSD in AHEM   
    Oh dear. My son will be disappointed. I just cancelled his birthday party this afternoon because I have something else to do now.
    He'll get over it eventually, I'm sure...
    (Incidentally, the main BTC website portal seems to be blocked here in Malaysia now! Thank the Digital Lord for VPNs.)
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    Fetchez la Vache reacted to panzersaurkrautwerfer in Strategic and tactical realities in CMBS   
    There's Russian troops where your government says there are zero Russian troops, with ethnic Russians driving Russian military hardware, in a war against Ukrainian nationals.  There was disorder, but there wasn't war in the Ukraine until your country brought it.
    If Russia was serious about peace, it wouldn't have sent in Russian terrorists, it wouldn't have sent in tanks, it wouldn't have killed a few hundred Dutch people in the wrong plane at the wrong time.  If you think that's the way to treat a brother, I feel honest fear for your siblings.
    Brother let me tell you, with how low oil has gotten the exchange rate actually demands a lot more blood per drum.  Like a lot.  I'm seriously running out of improvised third world children at this point.
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    Fetchez la Vache reacted to Fetchez la Vache in CM Black Sea – BETA Battle Report - Russian Side   
    Will AeroGavins be in the base game or will we have to wait for an expansion?
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    Fetchez la Vache got a reaction from JonS in CM Black Sea – BETA Battle Report - Russian Side   
    Will AeroGavins be in the base game or will we have to wait for an expansion?
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    Fetchez la Vache reacted to Stagler in sell on Steam?   
    The Wargame series - that is how focus interactive became successful.
    I dont work for focus, but im sure if someone from BFC asked the lads over there they could supply some figures or facts or whatever.
    Also - most importantly - alot of us dont realise that BFC already have games onsale on steam - the theatre of war series is available there.
    Im not bothered about buying CM series on steam. I just want to see more players - it would help the community, and would hopefully prompt BFC to invest in a proper lobbying and MP system.
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    Fetchez la Vache reacted to BlackAlpha in sell on Steam?   
    No, you are allowed to say that you don't want this game to end up on Steam, like you did. The thing that you shouldn't do, is tell people to stop discussing it because you grew tired of the discussion. That is just very rude. Or like some other people did, blatantly insult people who share a different opinion than yours. That is extremely rude.
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    Fetchez la Vache reacted to pnzrldr in CM Black Sea - Beta Battle Report - US/UKR Side   
    On the north side of the hill, the remnants of 3rd Platoon were still being ground down by the advancing Russian BMP-3s and infantry.  The Platoon leader came staggering back through the forest and collapsed by a tree, falling next to the last two surviving dismounted infantrymen from his small command, both bleeding from multiple shrapnel wounds to their faces and upper torsos. 
    “Sir, are you okay?”  one asked.  The Lieutenant’s haggard face told the story as he just stared at the man in obvious shock.  In that instant, another burst of lethal 30mm cannon fire struck, directed by the thermal sights on an unseen enemy vehicle, and the officer fell forward on his face and was still.  The two infantrymen cried out in panic, then both began crawling away from the source of the fire, one whimpering in fear and the other snarling in impotent rage.

    Note:  BMP in background is destroyed Ukrainian 3d Platoon vehicle.  
    In Krichek, KPT Kovtun knew that the Russians were up to something.  The artillery  continued to hammer down, but there was simply not enough fire or probing coming from the far side of the river, especially given the destruction of one of an enemy BMP over there by his ATGM team several minutes ago.  Someone or something should have been hunting, searching, trying to pin down the missile team or flush out its comrades.  He called the BMP2 section which had moved up and taken position along the row of houses on the west, facing the river. 
    “Borsuk 11, have you seen anything?  Any activity from the far side?”
    “Nothing Viktor, hang on, I’ll move up and take a quick look.”
    “Borsuk 11, this is Vovk, Hang on 11, don’t do anything stupid.”
    “Trust me Viktor – we are good on this.”
    An instant later a Kovtun heard the unmistakable hammering of outgoing 30mm fire, over the shriek of another incoming artillery shell.  As his ears were still ringing from the tremendous detonation, he gradually heard the voice calling again on his radio.
    “Vovk, this is Borsuk 21…  Vovk this is Borsuk 21…”  with a heavy heart, already knowing Kovtun took a deep breath and replied.
    “Go ahead 21.” 
    “11 is destroyed.  We never saw what did it.  His track is burning.  No one got out.” 
    “21 this is Vovk, do me a favor and don’t DIE in the next five minutes.  Keep scanning but keep YOUR heads down.  We need your track, your cannon, and your missiles!  Stay under cover and respect the enemy’s abilities.  Vovk out.”  He passed the handset back to his RTO, making a deliberate effort not to throw it against the wall, and carefully peeling his white-clenched fingers from the black plastic.  An instant later, he took it back and spoke again.
    “Brytva 22, this is Vovk.  Move to checkpoint 2 and observe.”
    “This is Brytva 22, understood.  Moving.  I have permission to shoot?”
    Podpulkovnyk Tymoshenko stepped into the room.
    “You are committing the Tunguska?”
    “Brytva 22, destroy anything you see.  Out”  Kovtun gave his Air Defense Commander a hard look. 
    “Yes Sir.  It is needed.  We have lost too many combat vehicles, and now 11 has stupidly gotten himself and his crew obliterated.  I need a check on the south, and it must be fast, and lethal if anything is there.  Brytva 21 on the other side has done quite well, although he said he saw nothing from his new position.”
    “Absolutely.  Good, I approve.  I trust you Viktor.  Keep the fight going.  Levchenko will get here with the Americans.” 
    Outside, Major Harris drew the same conclusion from both the sounds of cooking off ammo from the recently destroyed BMP up the street, as well as the radio traffic which he and Beach were monitoring.  He too drew out his handset:
    “Guiness, this is five, over.”  As a small team, the SFAT had adopted informal call signs.  SPC O’Brian was well known for his heritage, and his favorite beverage.
    “Five this is Guiness.”
    “Need you to get over to TRP 2 like we discussed.  Seen anything? Figure you can make it?”
    “Roger.  We can make it.  The green boyos over here saw a couple dismounts earlier, but they laid into them with their AGS and we haven’t seen any movement since.  I think our move is still masked.  Same mission?”
    “Roger, just like we rehearsed, over.”
    “Guiness moving.  We’ll be back in a bit with notches on our CLU.  Out.”
    One hundred meters away, the SPC O’Brian picked up the Javelin launcher, tapped PVT Metcalf on the shoulder, and headed quickly down towards the river bridge, carefully skirting the anti-tank mines laid on either side of the road.

    At the Ukepor Power Plant, LT Lysenko grinned as he spoke into his mike. 
    “Yes, that is in there.  Fire for effect.”
    The infantry in the field had dropped from view, discouraged by a few bursts from his squad in the entry building, and the mortar spotting rounds had bracketed the position where he had last seen the Russian truck and troops.  He hoped the mortar boys would fire fast so he could shift them closer into the field.  He doubted his few men could hold off a platoon of determined Russians. 
    Starshiy Kostenko knew he was a dead man.  The 2nd Platoon private was on the ground, crawling past the body of one of his comrades, trying to follow his section leader back down the hill to the west, away from the murderous fire from inside the trees.  It was like a horrible story to tell little children.  From dark shadows beyond sight inside the trees, the forest had suddenly belched fire and flame, and all around him men had fallen.  His own thighs and cheek burned with shrapnel, and he felt the warm sticky wetness of his own blood on his pant legs as he crawled.  Suddenly, right behind him, he heard a crashing roaring clatter of sound.  He turned his head and saw the Russian beast, a BMP-3, a mere stones throw behind him.  He swung his rocket launcher around, and thought to himself how sad his mother would be…

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    Fetchez la Vache reacted to Rinaldi in CM Black Sea – BETA Battle Report - Russian Side   
    Privet, Komandir!
    CiC wishes to express his displeasure at the reasons being given for the delay. Crush the pocket immediately.


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