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  1. Is there a way for me to be informed of the demo release other than having to check this forum 3 times a day? Is there a twitter, facebook, newsletter or whatever I could subscribe to that I've missed in my searches? Chris Nelson's twitter used to be great for this kind of information. I'm not saying it's something BF should have, I'd rather them spend time working on their projects, but I thought I'd ask in case I've missed something. So excited for the demo/full release!!!
  2. Very cool! Big fan of your previous work. Looking forward to whatever you can get time to work on.
  3. I could be wrong about this, but it was always my understanding that "armor" just meant that the guns would try for a tighter grouping. "Personnel" was the only arty round to actually do something different with their fuze.
  4. Crewman thinks this is the perfect time to work on his dance moves.
  5. WOW. The XM25 is a beast! Not looking forward to being on the other end of that system. Game is running great for me on latest Nvidia drivers, Win7 64bit. It's been worth the wait. Congrats to BF.
  6. I noticed that if I clicked on the name of the file above the actual download button, I'm taken to a different looking download page, which then gave me 7mb speed. It failed many times before I clicked on that link. I should be playing it in 3 mins! Not sure if it was all coincidence, there could be no difference between the link and the download button. Worth a shot.
  7. You might have an easier time contacting sales@battlefront.com. Good luck!
  8. Exactly! It always amazes me what people can think up to complain about.
  9. I also don't see it on his Youtube. However, it can be viewed as a saved 'highlight' on his Twitch channel here, http://www.twitch.tv/chrisnd/c/5628262
  10. I just bought this via the AppStore and consistently crashes after about 3 minutes, usually sooner. I'm running a current gen iTouch (5.1.1) It happens after a fresh reboot of the device and after a factory reset. Game looks good from what I can see though. I'm impressed with the graphics. Hope the bugs get worked out and this is eventually playable.
  11. I can't second this enough. I had a great time playing the maps in Forging Steel.
  12. Thanks for re-posting these. I haven't tried any user made content for CM:A yet. I'm looking forward playing the ones you put up. I got the same error using Chrome. I tried it with IE (64bit version, if that matters) and was able to download just fine.
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