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  1. One Tiger MAY achieve that on a wide, open map without cover for the M4´s. But if you got a nice, big city, or woods with lots of cover ? If the M4´s get on the flanks of the Tiger, the Tiger is dead.
  2. One thing about late Pz IV´s ... I always buy the H, because the J has no power traverse for the turret, only hand traverse for the J. So, in CM terms, the H has a medium fast turret, while the J has a SLOW turret.
  3. I think Vergeltungswaffe is right. Hopefully they adress the prices for artillery on the allied side. Please ?
  4. German bombers sunk a american freighter, full with chemical ammunition. I think.
  5. I wish I could have a look at the pilots face ... ROTFL
  6. I think that tanks are to fragile in my hands. My infantry usually does better, because infantry is more robust than tanks. I think In CMAK infantry heavy forces do better than tank heavy on most maps.Those tips on onboard mortars are good. You also could have bought one cheap mortar FO more and lay smoke perhaps to cover your approach.
  7. Ummm, I own all of the CM series ( CMBO and CMBB double ), so, obviuosly I really like this game. CMAK plays just fine for me in its 1.01 incarnation. Yeah, there are some small issues that need to be adressed, but those are no showstoppers ( IMHO ). Seeing Battlefronts excellent support; I have confidence that they will deliver on the patch, when its ready. And saying " I´m waiting for CM2 and dont play CMAK anymore, because CMAK is old technology " I dont really understand. Since CM** I bought only three or four new games, and inspite of this newer games, 80 % of my time go into CMAK or CMBB. Nothing compares to CM** . Damn, I´m a fanboy
  8. The story continues ... Cpt.Mike showed up and told me that he will be aviable from the 16th of may. For TCP maybe .... If that TCP game works out, fine. If not we´re in troubles since my vacation begins mid june.
  9. Well, its saturday evening, nothing from Cpt. Mike, no answers on my email concerning our game. Got some rather obscure mail from his webmailaccount asking me to write in his guestbook. My norton avscanner doesnt liked it and killed it. Hm ...
  10. Seems to be in the same class as the P38 Lightning J and L . Was that with standard rarity or rarity off ?
  11. Friday evening, nothing from Cpt. Mike ... hm ....
  12. Man, I just love this board ... You guys are a cornucopia of unexpected facts ...
  13. Hm, it´s thursday evening and nothing from Cpt. Mike ...
  14. Good news, Cpt Mike turned up and will send me his first turn on wednesday ...
  15. Holy Shiite! You mean you are still on turn 1 of Vevi? If so, you two need to get cranking, as you have only 51 days to finish 45 turns. Remember, it takes 3 e-mail exchanges to complete one turn. </font>
  16. Has anyone heard anything from Capatain Mike ? Still waiting for his first turn in south of vevi ...
  17. I am the snowman. Thats my old nick. Why does Peng want to challenge me ? :confused:
  18. I am the snowman. Thats my old nick. Why does Peng want to challenge me ? :confused:
  19. May I suggest my mappack at www.cmmods.com .Six QB maps for 1500 - 3000 ME´s . My handle there is Chrushtshov.
  20. Hi all, I´ve posted a small map pack for CMAK, six maps, all ME´s for the 1500 - 3000 points range. Hope you like it ... Aviable at www.cmmods.com as CHRUSHTSHOV-ME-MAPS.ZIP ...
  21. Panther Commander, I have an, umm ,unusual question : how thick is the George Forty World War II Tanks, how much pages ? I´d just love thick reference books ... :cool:
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