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  1. I'm sure someone has thought of this one already, but I've used it in a number of QBs (meeting engagements) and it usually worked in my favor--great kill ratios. I attach two or three 50mm mortars to a SMG platoon and set them loose on a flank or some less active part of the line. I always buy lots of 50mm mortars, I love the little buggers, but I usually used my SMG squads to support major infantry advances or as ride-alongs on my armor. Any thoughts?
  2. Frankly if this is the case (i.e. less effective German infantry AT weapons) I'm surprised no one else has remarked on it. In continuing the aforementioned game (a pbem) I have had at least two or three 'faust penetrations at ranges of 30m or less with no effect, against a tank that is immobile from an initial grenade bundle. On that note, I have noticed grenade bundles are by comparison very effective.
  3. My opponent confirmed that his tanks are ok. Bad luck, then, eh? How poignant. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Currently playing a scenario in which 'schreck teams are ambushing advancing soviet armor of the SU-76, IS-2, and T-34/85 ilk. I am getting multiple penetrations (no partials), even more than one per tank, on all types, with nary a kill yet. Specifically, approx. 6-8 full penetrations so far on three or four tanks, not one kill. If the phenomenon was limited to one type of tank, I could probably make the obvious deduction myself, but this isn't the case. Also tried some forum searches, no results. Any ideas as to the ineffectiveness? I know range is not a factor with HC rounds, althoug
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