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  1. I'm just coming on here again after a while and see that a patch 2.01 has been released apparently? No, I'm not joking. So I go on to the 'Patches' page to see what all the fuss is about. I see no mention of a 2.01 patch under CMSF2...as would be expected by any normal person I think. I see CMSF2 Engine 4 (for v2.0). Right off the bat I ask myself 'isn't CMSF2 already Version 4 right out of the box?' That's confusing. 'For v2.0' just adds to the confusion. What does that mean? So, I click the link and I see 'CM2_Win_Shock_Force...' Still no V 2.01 anywhere in sight unless I hover my cursor over the link for a few seconds, then I see it. Had I not visited the forum (no mention on the home page) and read this, I would likely have figured it out, but why the need to solve a puzzle? Just put v2.01 right on the Patches page under 'CM2 Shock Force 2'. If it requires some sort of complex installing just put that in the readme instructions. This is the way it's been done I think since the early 90's. Methinks you're overthinking it Steve ;)
  2. IIRC the NATO and British campaigns have not yet been updated to the new version? I'm waiting on that before I buy the NATO module.
  3. ED is an interesting one as they still release on their website first, and then release on Steam a week or so later(?). I imagine the hardcore guys buy first from ED and then everyone else on Steam. DCS would certainly be classified as a 'niche' product. I don't profess to know how it works out for them. Once you've committed to Steam it's very difficult to get off of it. Several of the games are of high quality, they have an excellent refund policy, sales are cheap and it's just so convenient to keep games updated and reinstall whenever and wherever without licensing hassles. Like it or not, it's where most PC games are. I've read all the arguments for and against from players and developers. Unfortunately society has chosen Wal Mart/Amazon as the model to the bitter end...and it will end when nobody has a job. Game developers likely have to band together to force Steam to stop screwing them. If you're waiting for society to come to their senses...
  4. As the kids get older, it gets easier...then the wife becomes the major issue 😉 I just recently built myself a cockpit/racing chair setup and haven't used it more than twice. If I had a nickel for every time my wife commented on how she hates it in the basement though, I'd be retired already!
  5. No, but the bundled discount for the SF1 DLC was discounted to about $40 I think? That's when I should have grabbed it, but figured it would be there forever.
  6. I've been playing this since 2000, so I know how long it's been around. Lots of excellent, long-term games on Steam. DCS World, Squad, all of the Graviteam games, Battle Academy 1 and 2, Order of Battle, the Total War games, and my current favorite, Frostpunk, which cost me $22 CDN. There's also the Civilization games, and the newer IL2 games, which are excellent. Need I go on? I also love the Dirt games (Rally - $10, and Dirt 3, which was free on Steam) and Euro Truck 2 and ATS, which cost me a grand total of $36 with all DLC. Picked up both FC3 and Black Shark 2 for $42 CDN in one of the sales last year. Don't know if I'll live long enough to play them all! Unfortunately for small developers, Steam has raised expectations on price and discounts. I can't believe how many times in forums I've read that $19 is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! Crazy. Same argument goes on over at the Steel Beast forums, although they have come out with a much more palatable pricing format of late. Battlefront releases excellent demos. Graviteam and Eagle Dynamics moved to Steam...not sure how it's working out for them, but they can take advantage of the 'impulse buyers' like myself that seem to collect games just because they're on sale 😀 Do I play all these all the time? No, don't have the free time with a wife and 2 kids. Is this game worth it at the price? If it's all you play, maybe.
  7. Not a great deal for those of us that didn't purchase the SF1 modules however. $15 for the base game is a no-brainer, but $105 ($145 CDN) for the module bundle isn't going to happen. I have several steam games in my library that need some love first 😉 Maybe when the modules get discounted I'll come back to them.
  8. Ok, will do. I don't have any of the other modules. Anyone know the cost if I were to buy the big bundle taking into account the discount for the SF1 upgrade?
  9. Does anyone that pre-ordered SF1 CD version (2007 I think) have it listed in their Orders? I don't see it in mine.
  10. Yah, I've also noticed this in the Wilcox battle. I don't recall target LIGHT firing the 25mm in Black Sea, but I will check. More annoying however has been (a few times in the same battle) my infantry unleashing their Javelins at enemy squads (that were down to only a few men) about 50m away with Target Light. This has to be a bug? I know that's a dirty word, but why would they ever do that?
  11. Yah, moving in force without splitting my squads seems to be the best way to advance through the buildings, so long as you don't get hit with RPGs. I'm heading straight up the middle as per the plan, and it seems to be working as the Challengers are spotting the AT well before my infantry do, which I didn't expect. The AI is also missing a lot with their shots
  12. Not sure why, but for me it's the training battle that keeps crashing. It crashes every single time (I've played through it 5 times now), randomly, WEGO or Realtime, doesn't matter. I've changed my Nvidia settings, but that obviously hasn't solved it. For what it's worth, I'm on Win 7/64, Nvidia 399.07 drivers, GTX 1060 3GB.
  13. I've run into this 5 or 6 times now in the demo in different battles, but mainly in Breaking the Bank when attempting to enter buildings across the street. I split my squads, give them a quick order just outside the door, and then another inside the building, but one will often run around to the front of the building (depending on your perspective I guess), run right past the side door and will then try to enter from the front, getting mowed down in the process by enemy on the opposite side of the next street. I catch it during the replay when I find myself saying "WTF are you dummies doing running around the building!" I don't know if it's because they're thinking the rear door is blocked or what, but they should have then tried the side door at the very least. I've resorted to playing the demo in real-time so I can catch these before I lose my squads. I have to admit I'm really enjoying playing it in real-time, something I never do. They also seem to be running away a lot when only taking suppressing fire or taking one casualty, even when they have overwhelming fire superiority.
  14. Yes, you're right, I was just in there checking it and saw that. I will play it tonight when back from work.
  15. This is a bit surprising that that plan would work, but I will give it a try for sure. Definitely the easiest to coordinate.
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