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  1. I sold my 1070 and am back on my 'lowly' 1060 3GB so I'm playing this again as it runs very well on it, even at 1440p. While I wait for the video card chaos to die down, I picked up the CMFI Big Bundle. I'm just wondering which campaign is the best to start out? Or should I just do as I did in CMBN and start at the top?
  2. I'm noticing this right now in the Dutch campaign. I'm on mission #3 and so far, both have ended in very early surrenders where I hadn't even cleared half the map. I am seeing the opposite on Mission #3 however. I've seized the bridge approach and am now just sitting there waiting for the time to tick down.
  3. Yes, Steam users are people too believe it or not 😉 There's just a lot more of them, which is naturally going to increase the % of boneheads. Locking it down would be a bad move as most people (myself included) like to use the forum where their game resides, not have to create another login at a different site for every game.
  4. Yah, I noticed this too. For instance the Big Bundle with the game shows $118 CDN for me, even though I already own SF 2 (and have it installed on Steam). Individual modules are $39.99 CDN each...$120 for all three?! Or, I can get all of the modules on the BF site for about $99 CDN. This could be the same thing that ED attempts to do...get people to avoid Steam and buy off of their site (which I do now as they also give reward $ with each purchase, and the price is roughly the same). So, is this whole Steam move just a PR stunt to get CM more exposure? I can't imagine a sensible person b
  5. I'm sure the crew on here will trash me for it (so be it), but this sort of seems like an elitist thing to say, does it not? You care about the cash but not the customers on Steam, many of whom will not want to come over here to these forums? Will you have someone over there doing 'PR' at least? I've seen the vitriol on Steam with DCS World (and many other games) when they ignore Steam over the ED forums.
  6. I'd like to know this too. To me, this is the biggest benefit to having the game on Steam as the current process is a royal PITA. I see the prices have been discounted here enough now that it may entice me to buy at least one of the modules. Seems there's no benefit to getting the bundle as the price is the same now. Will the bundle be available on Steam at some point?
  7. Yes, and this is where the biggest complaints are going to be on the user reviews on Steam. Gamers have come to expect modern graphics, and the CM games aren't it. I've heard all the arguments why..no need to rehash it here again. I think this is a big reason why I can't justify the price these days, and the same reason I don't play Falcon BMS much...it's a turd when compared to DCS, even if the dynamic campaign is light years ahead of any content in DCS. In any event, more cash, better game engine, we'll all be happy.
  8. So will this new arrangement be similar to DCS World in regards to sales (on here and on Steam), etc or has that much been worked out yet? I think getting CM on Steam is long overdue. More exposure to a much larger (and likely much younger) audience, access to the 'impulse' buying behaviour of Steam sales (I have 140 games on Steam...most of which I don't play), and better pricing for those of us not in the US, which has stopped me from buying anything past CMSF 2, CMBS, and CMBN...$90 CDN for a single game is very steep. Hopefully it results in more cash for BF which can go into moder
  9. I was thinking of getting the CMFI Big Bundle now that RTV has been released, so I d/l the demo and tried to launch it but the above happens (hit Launch and it just goes back to desktop). I have went in and added the demo .exe in exceptions in Win 10 firewall settings, still doesn't work. I don't use any other virus software. I also checked and nothing is running in the task manager list. Ideas? EDIT: if anyone else runs into this, I had to add the file to the allowed list in the security settings under ransomware protection (I have it enabled). Runs fine now.
  10. Since the sticky is locked (and over 4 years old now) should the campaign be completely fixed with the 3.12 patch, or do I have to d/l the campaign from somewhere else these days? The link to the repository in the sticky is obviously dead now. I just ran through the first two battles (with Patch 3.11...forgot to update to 3.12) and had the disappearing AT gun in the first battle several times (reloading it fixed it, and then the next re-load it would disappear again). In battle 2 my tanks all disappeared, but from reading the patch notes in 3.12 that should now be fixed. I assume
  11. I'll let you be right this time...do you work for BF? Serious question. Why would I open a support ticket and waste my time when I solved the issue on my own? And yes, hopefully I'll still be alive when they release a new engine...
  12. Played right through the same battle 3 times with the new drivers and didn't have any CTDs (wanted a total victory...time limit kept tripping me up). I can't even list a game that I've had crashing issues with, other than trying to get M1 Tank Platoon 2 to run on Win 10 (a 1998 game). It does seem from the posts on these forums that crashing is an issue in this game, and it's the game engine, not my card or the drivers. If it were something other than the game, I should have crashes on some of the other games I play when I update the Nvidia drivers, but I don't (over 160 games in my Steam l
  13. I posted in the tech support thread, but moving from the 430.86 Nvidia drivers to 431.60 *seems* to have solved my crashing issues. CM is an old-as* graphics engine and doesn't play nice with driver updates it seems. I have Win 10 (new install on new SSD) and a GTX 1070, but am still on Ver 3.0 of the game until they fix the fleeing infantry issue...
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