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  1. Note to self: When your intelligence has been insulted by someone with a higher post count do not respond to this provocation in direct terms as you will be sent to the corner while Teacher's Pet gets to gloat. Now, back to tearing the room apart in a futile search for ancient jewel cases emblazoned with secret codes with which to access a game that I've payed hundreds of dollars for. Yes, I'm sure this is all my fault and I should be more careful with my money.
  2. I've been playing the game since about the year 2000. I've purchased every iteration and expansion module. Yes, it is rather difficult to maintain the discs and keys and everything else that it takes to play this game in 2018. Of course, it's easy for someone like you. So is being an asshole.
  3. The anti-hacking methods have become anti-player methods.
  4. You will need all your licence keys This is my problem. It's inevitable that a few key codes will have gotten lost over the years. I have most of them but they are mixed up on different jewel cases and I've found that even the ones that I have marked as this or that don't seem to work. Then there's the ones which I've lost completely. Of course, I have proof of purchase via the Battlefront Account page but it is a major PITA to cut and paste and email and all of that. I wish there was an all-in-one option for people who either want to buy all of the games or for those of us who already have (and can prove it). As of now, I've just given up on ever playing these titles again. A shame because I was a loyal customer and a dedicated player.
  5. Agreed. I've just given up on trying to reinstall the game(s). I've lost a few of my key codes and the ones I do have don't seem to work. It's a major bummer because I've been playing this game since the very first incarnation and I've purchased every single WW2 game and module they've put out. I would be willing to spend even more money for an all-in-one install. As it is, I really have no idea where to begin with a reinstall and I honestly don't have the patience. It is such a great game . . . but I really have to weigh the fun of playing with the frustration of TRYING to play.
  6. For starters it seems that none of my activation keys are working and having purchased every WW2 title and upgrage . . . there are a LOT of activation keys to wade through. I would very much like to play these games again but, man, it is not easy. Just kind of frustrated.
  7. If you don't announce that you know the map or the opposing lineup . . . it's cheating. I would not want to play any battle or map with a human opponent if I or they . . . had prior knowledge. It's not fair and it would not be any kind of challenge. No fun at all.
  8. Yup, I just joined FGM. Gonna look into that. I'm sure I'll find some folks to play over there.
  9. I honestly haven't played CMX2 via PBEM much at all. I played a few battles when the game first came out years ago, but soon it seemed that the same maps/battles always turned up and that led to the idea that people could be cheating. I didn't want to play a battle on a map that I had already played before (I'm not into cheating). The thing I liked about the CMX1 PBEM battles was that A. there were soooo many to choose from and B. the map maker insured that each map would be new. I also found the process for choosing units in CMX2 quick battle to be laborious compared to the ease of picking them in CMX1. I do miss the thrill of playing a human opponent and with the release of the battle pack I'm hoping that I might find someone who hasn't played any of these maps/battles. I'm a fair player and am very consistent in my turns. Moderately skilled. I will absolutely do one turn or many per day. I believe in playing a battle to it's natural end and will NOT drop out unexpectedly halfway through. If you'd like to play, just PM me or let me know here. Also, I seem to recall that with the CMX1 games there were online campaigns that took place where you'd play one battle in a larger campaign. Do these still happen?
  10. I always try to make sure that my spotter has a target arc which precludes him giving his position away. You can see that in the screen shot. I think what happened was that I had another split team up next to him which drew fire from the gun (stupid move). Both retreated to the other side of the road. When I put the spotter back in position, I didn't pay attention to the fact that he had been very shaken up. I probably should have cancelled the strike at that point.
  11. Alllrighty, back with an update and, I believe, a solution. Turns out . . . the spotter was NOT on the ball (which reflects poorly on his commander, ie. me). He was a -2 guy to begin with and he had also been "broken" at some point between the time I had him call for the strike and the time that the strike began to fall. I do recall him taking fire from that gun, but I didn't realize how bad it was. THIS must be the answer. I had another platoon commander who was a good leader with a good LOS and not under any stress plot a perfect strike later in the game. So, in some ways I feel like I may have wasted everyone's time here, but on the other hand . . . I have learned a lesson that I should have known from the git. You have to PAY ATTENTION to your troops because if you don't, they won't be paying attention to the artillery that they've just called in . . . and that could cost you. I honestly don't think this is what has happened every time that this has happened in my battles, but I do believe (now) that any pressure put on a less capable spotter is going to cause problems with the plotting.
  12. Right, I know all of those things (been playing 16 years or so). This strike was called in for "5 minutes". Clear LOS as the strike was plotted and marked. The spotter did move once but was in place as the marking rounds were dropped. A light rain is falling . . . but should that cause the strike to be 200 - 300 yards off target? No smoke, dust or fog impairing LOS. Don't remember the experience level, but I don't believe it was a minus. This happens much too often and it appears to be a bug. I have rationalized it over time as just a mistake on the part of my spotter, which certainly did happen in real life . . . but I'm rather tired of doing that. I honestly haven't played the CMX2 engine with a human opponent as often as I did with the CMX1 engine because of this artillery problem (it never happened to this degree in the CMX1 games). Effective use of arty is vital to winning and if I can't depend on it, I'm not going to take the chance of investing time and effort into an online game if there's a fifty-fifty chance that I'm going to get screwed. Just wondering if it's something wrong with my installation or what? It has happened on three different computers over the last few years so I don't think it's the PC or the operating system.
  13. This seems to have been happening with my battles for quite some time. I've never posted about it but I'm getting tired of dealing with this since it's caused me to lose one PBEM battle and come pretty close to losing some battles against the AI (inexcusable). It doesn't happen all the time, but every now and then I'll call in artillery and even though the spotter has a clear LOS and isn't under stress . . . the shots fall nowhere near the target. This has occurred in the last two battles that I've played which has prompted me to write about it. You can see in the screenshot exactly what I'm talking about. The shots are falling to the far right of the screen when you can clearly see that the spotter is supposed to be directing them on a point to the far left of the screen. This strike is almost falling on my own guys and it's a good thing I didn't move them forward. In the last battle I called a linear strike on a treeline . . . and the whole thing fell in a line about fifty yards in front of the target . . . in an open field. My game is fully patched. What's the deal? I've been wanting to play PBEM again . . . but I'm hesitant to do so with this artillery thing going on.
  14. I saw it last week and was expecting it to be awful . . . and it wasn't. Yes, it has a number of real-world mistakes and inaccuracies, but this is to be expected because . . . it's a movie, not a documentary. As a movie, it tries to wrap up a whole lot of history in about two hours. I'd like to see any of you armchair screenwriters try it. As someone who has studied the history of WW2 and who has served in a theater of war myself (although not in direct combat), I could relate to practically everything that was depicted because everything that was depicted DID and DOES happen in war. There is no "Good War" and there never was. We won, so you don't hear much about the bad **** that we did too. If they had won . . . well, I'm glad they didn't. I thought the acting was actually quite good. I think most of the negative critics seem to have personal grudges against this actor or that. Whatever. About the climactic battle . . . sure, it was a bit unbelievable . . . but read up on Audie Murphy or any number of Medal of Honor or Knights Cross citations and you'll realize that these incredible/unbelievable feats of valor did occur. . . . and you really should see it on the big screen while you can. I think that if you go into a movie like this with the intention of picking it apart with your big brain full of field manual tactics and costume minutiae . . . you're missing the point . . . and you're probably kind of an *******.
  15. Played it. Minor victory. Lost one of the mortar teams within the first couple of turns to that pre-planned mortar strike. Sneaky trick, that one. (I did not re-deploy because they had a good line of sight. I guess the joke was on me.) Lost the Marder pretty quick but he did take out two armored vehicles. The Stug kept the Russians out of town but the gunner and commander eventually went down (they have to expose themselves to fire the MG). I would be very surprised if anyone were able to take back any of those VL's against all of that Soviet armor and infantry. Not on a higher difficulty anyway. Maybe with the inclusion of one more armored vehicle (a real tank would be nice). A good battle and a good test of skills. Would've liked to have had a better chance at a better outcome.
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