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  1. Yup no S.A voices too and blinking unknown contacts. I have created a ticket so Elvis is aware of it.
  2. Yeah I noticed the Archer has to be reversed into a firing position because it has a fixed turret which points to the rear - so probably not a bug. . Not sure if Hull down command will work (probably not??). Not ideal but I don't use the hull down command so not a biggie for me. On the plus side I guess you can do a fast retreat if need be!!
  3. I can concur, anecdotally I am still seeing this issue occasionally in multiple titles (though still most frequently and obviously with the bocage of CMBN). As RockinHarry stated: 'many unit "retreats" in fact are self applied "evade" commands' and to me they sometimes occur without much incoming fire or notable decrease in morale. I've seen it in real time games where if you spot the evade command been auto-generated you can grab the command line and move it's end point back to a more suitable location rather than the auto-generated one. On a positive note I just tried 18 platoon scenario against the AI (again) and had to chase the last enemy squad from one side of the map to the other as they kept retreating away from my 3 squads who were chasing them and putting constant fire on them! So the TAC AI generated evade command can work amazingly well sometimes. BTW the last enemy soldier surrendered in the end (I think he go tired of running)
  4. Always learning new things. Keep up the good work Bud
  5. Smoking bunkers - is this a new thing or have they always done this?
  6. I would just try and activate it if you haven't already. Or just contact the help desk and they can help 're-activate' you if you can't activate CMBN. https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/
  7. @RedmarkusI think in Engine 2 and engine 3? of the game that is pretty much what happened when teams/squads were under fire behind hedgerows etc. And they would pretty much get close to been wiped out before running backwards. So I am confident that battlefront will come up with a solution with the current bug
  8. I believe the Archer is in the new CMFI module 'Rome to victory' .
  9. Just in normal play (so anecdotally) in CMBN bocage maps I've played on I've seen no problems at all. When you flank the enemy they have no option but to sometimes go toward your forces which is understandable. But I had many instances where in 4.01 my troops would have run forward from bocage with limited suppression but with 4.02 even under light or heavy enemy fire run backwards or to better cover so I'm happy. So thanks for the quick fix
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