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  1. Just in normal play (so anecdotally) in CMBN bocage maps I've played on I've seen no problems at all. When you flank the enemy they have no option but to sometimes go toward your forces which is understandable. But I had many instances where in 4.01 my troops would have run forward from bocage with limited suppression but with 4.02 even under light or heavy enemy fire run backwards or to better cover so I'm happy. So thanks for the quick fix
  2. thanks mark! looking forward to playing these.
  3. I was just talking about the human player being able to manually split off a two man scout squad.
  4. Thanks for all your comments. I can see both sides of the argument. I guess the reality is they have to draw a line somewhere and of course there will be a compromise.
  5. Yes, I know the answer is no. My memory tells me it is they don't want Italian squads to have the flexibility which seems fair enough for splitting squads in half but it would be nice to be able to split a two man scout team to go forward to those spots which you really can't cover with the rest of the platoon. I guess I feel less bad sacrificing one or two men to a bad/lazy tactical decision rather than a whole squad. No biggie though - just thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone else has had similar thoughts or what BFs thoughts are on it.
  6. #5 = Minor defeat for me. I managed to rout the Germans out of the village but took too many casualties. That bl**dy gun
  7. Great job making this tiny scenario for the Russians. For me it highlights what Combat Mission is so good at. Which is giving your orders and then that suspense of watching the minute play out. The twilight setting adds to that theme. Also with such a small amount of men to control it also makes it much more engrossing somehow for me. Keep them coming
  8. Hi, I just want to say thanks for making these scenarios. I do like smaller battles and they are great fun!! cheers
  9. Don't forget the high or low quality tree setting. Made a difference for me
  10. Are you sure the game is using the GT1080 card and not the I5 inbuilt graphics? You can check it is using the GTX1080 by using the nvidia control panel 'Manage 3D Settings' CUDA - GPUS
  11. I think I was ~ 25 (too old to remember exactly) when I found the Combat mission website. I am turning 45 next month. Have I grown up much in the last ~ 20 yrs? Hell no!!
  12. Thanks for the excellent screenshots!
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