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Nazi secret weapon unveiled

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I don't think this is fake. Every Reichsflugscheibengrog knows that there where stabilisation problems after the launch during Haunebu development.

They just had no use for the many cars in the last weeks of the war anyway and cleverly combined the solution of different tasks in one

single operation:

1. They reduced over-production. After final victory all would get a Volksflugscheibe anyway.(economic layer)

2. They reduced allied bomber fleet. (military layer)

3. They produced a disinformation screen in beeing apparently just stupid nazis throwing cars at allied bombers. (intelligence layer)

But it was all to hide

4. Experiments to solve the electromagnetic stabilisation problems after the Haunebu launchs through free-fall-acceleration of cars to zero-point-energy-level. (final scientific core)

Insider video for starters (but don't tell anybody!) :

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