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New file at the Repository: Forest Trails 480 (2011-10-03)

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Welcome to Forest Trails 480 Meet Quick Battle map. Same map featured in the "Hornet's Nest Scenario". A 480m meter map of light forests, trails, some small hills and dells. Suitable for MEETING ENGAGEMENTS. Playable as either axis or allies. For single player quick battles or multiplayer head to head. Lots of alternate AI routines. Place the Forest Trails 480 Meet.btt file in the ""Combat Mission Battle for Normandy\Game Files\QUICK BATTLE MAPS"" folder.


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Well designed scenarios are always better because the designer can:

- Deploy each enemy unit where he exactly wants to maximize effect

- assign specific units or a single unit to groups

- assign unique AI routines to said groups

- assign and deploy reinforcements

- create atypical mission specific scenarios

-there are more reasons but to name a few......

Quick battles depend on a good design too. But its limited. Quick battles allow the player to choose the map, units of his enemy, and friendly forces for a scrimage. Or he may allow random computer selected forces. The parameters for that could be mixed forces, or Armour, or infantry only. Also the strength of either side can be full or depleted depending on what the player chooses. All that being said, the AI of the Opfor has limitations due to the randomness of placement, and forces selected. Play balance can be thrown off, and the AI can get bottled up for path finding. I usually give the enemy an advantage for singleplayer quick battles.

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