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New to game?

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I bought the boxed Combat Mission Shock Force about two weeks ago, and the videos have help my learning curve big time. Slow and sure helps me win all mission.

What add on, mods, or scenarios should I move on to next? Free please until I can afford the Marine mod.

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Well, if you played a previous CM game, you might want to start with the hotkeys stickied here in the forum.

As for mods, well, mostly you should just look at the mods and pick the ones you like best. Go here:


BFC's repository

Particularly to be recommended are the sound mods, Scipio's weapons icons and Pinetree's unit base modifications. I'd consider those the genuine must haves.

As for scenarios, there's so much great stuff out there, but many people swear by Red v Red type scenarios and campaigns.

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Is there a feature in the game where you press something and then it takes a screenshot image which will be automatically saved in a scrrenshot folder? I am having hard time pressing print screen, pause, alt + tab, open paint, ctrl +v, save, File then New, then back to the game again. Or if this is not yet in the game, is it possible to have this feature in the future? Thanks.

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