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Accursed tree armor!

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I noticed that "tree armor" is still a problem in 1.20.

Tanks that sit just inside the tree line are partially protected from SABOT shells which are stopped dead by the tree. The .5 bullets are going straight through but to actually hit the tank with a SABOT you need to chew the tree up first.

I've doulbe checked that the tank definatly isn't using HEAT or HESH.

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That's a SABOT "explosion" in your shots Chelco, I noticed that they get quite big explosions when hitting things (looks better and is needed for the smoke/dust to be generated as it seems to be tied to explosions).

I remember that old thread C3k made, it was maninly focused on de-forestation with explosive weapons. My main problem is 1 tree can block a SABOT shell that is able to go through several buildings and vehicles normally.

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I've seen the same thing. I don't know if different tree parts such as trunk and foliage are modeled with different penetration properties in the game or if the whole tree is the same LOF-blocking object with no difference between trunk and leaves. Ideally a sabot round should pretty much ignore everything but maybe the trunk.

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