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What my sunlightally challenged friend is saying is that it sounds like your computer is full of eels.

No, no. Sorry.

What he actually means is that over time installing and un-installing programs eventually clogs up the registry (among other things). This is the system file that tells the computer where to find programs etc - assuming you're running windows.

The best and most effective way to get rid of all that is to re-install windows afresh but this has the unfortunate side effect of wiping all your data; amusing photos of cats, special interest movies you've hidden and now can't find, copies of receipts you really must keep for things you've thrown away, programs you have installed etc.

You can back all these up to a separate drive and do it - and it's probably a good idea that you do. But first give Crap Cleaner http://www.ccleaner.com/download a go. It'll get rid of a lot of the, well, crap, and give you a bit of a boost for a while.

But really - the best thing is to back up everything you need and re-install. There's loads of how-to's on the net:


Remember though - back up everything to a different drive. Did I say that already? Well I mean it.

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Remember though - back up everything to a different drive. Did I say that already? Well I mean it.

Then go back and check to make sure you got it all. Then check again. I lost all the sound recordings I had made of my daughter from when she was a baby by forgetting to back them up. It still saddens me. :(

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