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I know this is minor, so take it for what it's worth and how it's meant.

When I zoom in on my little guys and watch them move, it seems that every single one of my troops has some slick grease on the bottom of their boots. All their feet touch the ground as they move, then their feet slide backwards as they move forward. Also, in QUICK, it seems like they're moving in slow motion, with the added discrepency of the sliding boots.

This is NOT the "my men slide into position during playback" issue. (I'm okay with that, since we've been told it's needed for data conservation purposes.)

This is during the actual action phase of a turn.

Since I don't know what speed is represented by, say, QUICK, I am not saying the men are moving too slowly. Merely, the animations do not sync with the speed they ARE moving, AND that the animations always show feet sliding to the rear.

Like I said, a minor request.



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