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How to climb cliffs in CMSF


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Your 3 step guide to rope use:




Well, it is one way of making terrain that is accessilble to infantry and not to vehicles (actually, not tested it with a vehicle.... will get on to that).

The trick, in case it isn't obvious, is simply to put a trench running up the cliff, and the troops ability to regard the trench as passable terrain apparently overrides the impassibility of the cliff.

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This is the only forum where the devs laugh about bugs ;)

not really, theres www.steelbeasts.com. Ssnake have laughed over a few bugs, including one bug where you could catapulte a tank a few miles in the air by using the ARV... :P

the common thing is that both Esimgames and BFC are small niche games and I guess they have to listen and communicate with the crowds that does play their games/sims....

and Im not complaining over that! :D


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