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BFC website insanity


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OK, folks.

So I get the announcement about Marines, three times in the "new posts" search. Fine. I want to buy it.

No link to where to buy in the announcement.

Fine, go to battlefront.com. Browser is absolutely killed by some stupid Javascript (probably the floating thingie at the top). I have to use my travel notebook (1.3 GHz P-M) and it's really painful.

Anyway, so there's the Marines annoucement and the hint that you can buy it cheaper before release. No link to where to buy.

But a "read more" link. Click on it. Browser is still insanely unusable. Link gets me precisely to the same information as before. Still no bloody link to buy the thing.

Then I go to the menu item that is labled "Store". And no Marines in there.

I'm sorry, but WTF?

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Found the link to buy it.


- inconsistent price display. Still says $35 in the pulldown menu after the page text has switched to the discounted $25. Of course it then goes back up to $35 anyway with S/H.

- unreadable license agreement in the end (colors of text and background both light)

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The dropdown menu pricing is a bug in the store software. It shows the non-discounted price. Confusing indeed and will be fixed in the next upgrade.

I can't really comment on the other stuff. If you have a slow connection then the page will take some time to load. If you have old browsers, then it may not load correctly (IE6 is iffy, anything before that won't work at all probably); but the page is XHTML compliant and will work only better as browsers improve.

Marines is a CMSF MODULE. As such, it's under Store in the CMSF category. Duh. There are also purchase links rotating through the pages on the left under New! (duh)

The announcement about Marines going gold is just that. It follows the announcement about Marines opening for pre-orders which had links. If you go to the Marines news page (Games->CMSF->Marines) you get plenty of purchase links.

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The slowdown is of course not server speed, that wouldn't kill my PC CPU wise.

It isn't Javascript as in Javascript itself takes CPU, true. The CPU time taken is actually in the graphics subsystem, and that also seems to be responsible for the extremely slow scrolling. Somebody's rotating pictures in and out, and that almost certainly is done by some Javascript. It seems some loop swapping in and out pictures is running at whatever the maximum speed of the client is. That's pretty annoying if you have other tabs and other applications and didn't dedicate your PC to the BFC website.

So you guys don't see a problem with the sales link not in or near the announcements? Fine with me then.

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I also explored the pre-order and got trapped in the wrong series of clicks for a while and finally found my way to the store. I got close to purchasing before discovering I couldn't pre-order without also ordering a mail CD along with the download. I would have jumped on this if I could get a download-only solution. Because of that, I'll wait.


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