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Looking for WW2 Squad level Combat .I have vista so Combat Mission is not an option


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IF you take Combat mission out of the mix it looks like I have 3 options .The John Tiller Squad battle games.Theather of war looks like a pretty detailed rts and last but not least Panzer command Cmbat mission lite .Anyone have any other suggestions .I am kind of leaning toward the John Tillersereis but it engine looks old,does it play smooth ?

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JTCS is enjoyable but is platoon scale. Plays like a minis game with a few abstractions.

JTSB is board game like but seems to have a following. I don't have it but keep looking at it. There are 3 Steel Panthers variants for free but not sure about Vista.

Do you have Panzer Command or just feel that it is CM lite?

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