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Deploying MG´s in houses!?

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Actually with the MMG's there's a difference between being able to fire and being deployed. Deploying is actually a manual feature that the player has to activate. Basically it is deploying the MMG for sustained accurate fire, you can still shoot when it's not deployed however the rounds will not be as accurate as if the gunner was deployed. I do not believe right now that the deploy feature works inside of buildings, but I haven't really tried to test it out.

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ok, i feel i update this as doc techno reminded me with his thread.

i was able to "deploy" a MG just ONCE, probably a bug, however if the roof is flat(the ones where there is just this 20cm wall) and they can be prone and shooting, than 50% of the salvos are deflected by the little wall into the air.

i saw that on the house of the big "village" map in QB. the lone and single house in the defenders setupzone wich is the only one with 2 storys in the setupzone.

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i think its an easy guess, the firerate is worse and the accuracy is worse too, so i guess no.

BUT i would be pleasently supprised if it would be different, but why do it automatic if there is the deploy button!?

also deploying is generally flawed a bit right now. often the deployed weapons are deployed in the setup zone where the team started :D

that leads to quiet funny situations :D

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Ok..here is the official BF response from another thread:

Yeah, I saw that thread and meant to double check it. Quite a puzzle since never, ever has this been a problem through months of development. Oh wait... now I think I know what the issue is. Yeah, you can use them inside and on the roof, but you can only use DEPLOY if the roof has a low wall or no wall. At least that's the way it is supposed to work. Deploy means setting up on the tripod, which isn't possible (or practical) for windows and tall wall roofs. I'll double check that you can do what I described.

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I understand this thought process, but there should be some middle ground as SOME platform stability should be obtained by resting the MG on window sills, roof edges, etc.

That plus knocking holes in the tall walls on roofs, firing through open doorways, etc.

Right now we have to decide on the added protection of a building or the added accuracy of deploying outside.

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Originally posted by drtechno:

Right now we have to decide on the added protection of a building or the added accuracy of deploying outside.

Exactly. You are being presented with a commander's dilemma, which is what any good wargame should do. There is no perfect answer, merely a compromise which may or may not work, depending on the particular circumstances you find yourself in.
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  • 2 months later...
but you can only use DEPLOY if the roof has a low wall or no wall. At least that's the way it is supposed to work.
ok, i ran a test to settle this as it buggs me often when i have MG´s under my command.

things clearly dont work as supposed.

on the blue side i just used the MG´s quads as this is the only thing to deploy on blue side as far as i remember.

on red, i used AGS17, DShK and PK teams as test objects. i didnt tried the SPG-9 as i saw one fireing at me from a low wall roof once in a scenario and i dont think its possible to fire it from the hip, so it was deployed up there and thats ok.

i tested with 3 fundermental different roofs. totaly flat, little wall and party high walled.

the test showed;

-totaly flat roof/ US MG team

-roof with little wall/ none

-roof with partial high wall/ none

now we see that red cannot deploy any of its many deployable weapon on roofs(except SPG-9 smile.gif ), not even flat or low walled.

i hope that this isnt also tied to the height of the building as i just tried it with 3 storry ones, but i think not as this would be unlogical.

i would still like the option where you just take 2 min(or so) of deploy time to set up in houses too, but now where i clearly see that red is doomed to deploy in the dirt and get spotted from 1000meters away, i rahter get the roofs fixed, as its officially said that one can deploy on roofs with flat or low wall. and the low wall roofs are the ones wich are used to 95%.

not to demand anything here, but its a feature wich isnt working for the side wich needs it the most as defender. sure there are more important things, but i hope it get taken on a list for 1.07 or 1.08 or so ;)

i know, i was able to deploy the russian 12.7 at least once on a low wall in 1.01 or 1.02 but many shots of the burst got reflected by the low wall into the blue. i guess thats why its taken out but its sure needed back.

after all, watch your average PK gunner engage things at 300 meters crouched on a roof. i mean he yells out for a tripod while he sprayes most of its salvos totaly off.

am i the only one who want this ability/feature working one day!?

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Tried using DshK from the roof of a three story building and found something new.

At first I *think* they were firing ok. Then I scrolled to view other parts of the map. Once I scrolled back to place where I could to see the HMG crew properly the crew seemed to be stuck somehow. The MG soldier's state was Spotting, leader was Planning and the other two soldiers Waiting. The crew wouldn't execute any movement commands I tried to use to get them "unstuck".

No idea if this was caused by some target command or something else I had done earlier, but for some reason the MG had turned 90 degrees from its earlier firing direction and the other three crew members were standing on the roof.


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hehe, thats the "bug" you hit when you deploy a MG on a "not possible" surface, in setup zone.

i saw that several times so far. they "look" as if they are deployed. but at latest after 2 minutes they statrt to notic that they cant do it and start to do this instead, you cant cancle the quick command they have.

i thought too i can trick the game that way, but you have to test it with your soldiers starting outside and than runing onto the roof.

the deploy button will not light up.

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I tried this again and now when I watched them fire at several targets from this roof everything seemed to work ok. They used the MG as long as they had ammo for it. Then the MG disappeared and all four used assault rifles instead. This is probably how it's supposed to work.


Another similar crew was in third floor of another building. I noticed that at one point they stopped using the MG when ran out of ammo for it. One of the men normally operating the MG started using assault rifle, but the other fellow didn't use any weapon.

Then after some time, maybe 2 minutes, these 2 both switched back to MG for some reason. But since there was no ammo, they couldn't fire. None of the four man crew fired at any target after this. They had plenty of small caliber ammo left and hand grenades, but neither were used. Even though both had been used earlier, when they hadn't restarted using the MG yet.

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