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Nervous Strykers


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It's good to see vehicles reacting to threats and popping smoke and retreating, but it seems in some scenarios the battlefield is constantly covered in smoke particularly from Strykers.

They seem to take anyone shooting at them as a serious threat and retreat leave huge clouds of smoke obscuring all.

Anyone else think they're a bit too sensitive.

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ofcourse i think that! :D i often said pre 1.06 already.

at least some AK sprayes should be ignored in my view.

and something i find totaly out of place is the defensive smoking of RED units. i mean;

1st: it does help "nothing" for the most part.

2nd: arent they ment to use smoke offensive!? they should do that, not launch smoke 250m away becouse they feel uncompftable getting shot at.

becouse it wont help if one vehicle does this, the whole company/battalion needs to do that to be effective.

thats since 1.02 i think.

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I agree, it might be Stryker smoke clouds are too big, thick and frequent.

But I guess if you are simulating this stuff, its an issue of what a realistic size and duration of these grenade types are. Maybe its correct but us civvies don't even know.

Good point about red smokes, I think it has been mentioned that Soviet Bloc defensive smoke comes from generators spraying fuel on hot engine manifolds. So Russian vehicles should suddenly spawn a massive defensive smoke cloud out their engine bay and back into it, and use their grenades offensively. Hopefully BFC can look at this, but I guess it requires a whole new game mechanism of smoke generation.

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I like the pretty clouds of drifting smoke.
honestly i like em too, but when i want my strykers overwatch and they atrackt slight AK fire they totaly start smoking all around them and back up in the worst case.

they are not too big or so, but too frequent, yes smile.gif

in this next 3-4 minutes pretty much americans could be cut down on the other side and noone sees it around, thats not what my overwatch is intended to do ;)

if they see "tanks" ok, they should do it but AK fire!? they are more than build to resist that.

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Hev comon ;)

sure there are possibilities, BUT there always are!

they are going to war not to peace demonstrations smoking joints! they want RPG´s show up to kill em, forgott that.

if we talk like this they would need a "constant" smoke could all round them so noone ever sees them and they sure wont take a single casualty ;)

but thats not how it work, you have to show to see something yourself, basicly.

[ February 09, 2008, 03:48 AM: Message edited by: Pandur ]

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I think they should suppress infantry and retreat and smoke against armor. I posted a thread about too much smoke when facing infantry earlier and got the same replies about RPGs being a big threat, as if the strykers are unarmed and don't have the slat armor. If strykers are supposed to be infantry support, then they can't run and hide every time they are fired on.

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I'm very glad to see vehicles now having self preservation AI.

However to clarify earlier comments and to agree with what some others have said it's now difficult to use Strykers in covering fire support roles as even though they may be well behind the advancing infantry they now pop smoke and run away like big girly men at the first sign of a bit of aggro.

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ok i played a game of allahs fist toady, i had the full programm. abrams smoking and hiding after it took 2 ricochets form T62, turning towards BMP and shooting at it while a T72 was visible to the tank AND was much closer AND got the abrams side presented becouse the tank had to face the oh sooo dangerous BMP1.

all that i feared came true, anyways, what toped it off today, and i think its the most redicoulouse thing i ever saw so far in CMSF.

a VBIED slaming in the reverse gear becouse it was afraid to drive up to its target....i mean selfpreservation and VBIED dont go under the same roof!

please all this needs tweaking, 1.05 was better in this regard.


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