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Mod WIPs - SPW 250/9 and 8!

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These things have needed a face-lift for a while now, especially as they're CMBO "legacy vehicles" that look a pretty out-of-place amongst CMAK's and CMBB's more sophisticated graphics (even though they're Fernando's old SPW 250 mod, which was one of my favorite CMBO mods).

That said, here are some WIP screenies.



They're obviously based off my SPW 250/1 Neu mod. Still need a little work before they're released, though. smile.gif

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Originally posted by Marco Bergman:

You do make pretty mods.

I remain amazed at just how many you can turn out.

Thanks Marco! I'm not sure exactly how it is that I can turn so many mods out myself. I think it's mostly being proficient in Photoshop rather than spending that much time on it. smile.gif I hope that's what's happening, anyhow. I think what with a full time job (getting fuller by the day, with the work I have) and an energetic 10 month old at home I really shouldn't have any spare time whatsoever. ;)

I also want to dispel any rumors that I look like Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons and spend all my time in a dimly lit room with my Mac and an ample supply of sugary soft drinks and salty crispy snacks to fuel my modding mania. :D

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Originally posted by Meach:

10 Months! I remember you posting that the little one was born and it seems like yesterday!

Here's to the upcoming birthday! smile.gif

Thanks! It's amazing how fast the time goes. He's just started walking and has a few teeth. smile.gif

What I've discovered, and which may come in handy for some of you, is that he *loves* to watch Combat Mission, especially the tanks and little men running around on the monitor.

Now there are drawbacks to this, as you have to play the game one-handed, and having a squirming baby on your lap often leads one to make unusual and quite often regrettable tactical decisions. But what's more important--the pain of your virtual soldiers or the happiness of a small child? Move over Dr. Spock--BFC is helping me raise my kid! :D

Now if he gets really squirmy I start up the iTunes visualizer... ;)

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The antigrenade screens are gorgeous. Would suggest, though that you investigate knocking some of the sheen off the paint job. It seems to me that it should be more matte and oxidized. The German paint was notoriously bad, and I recall that the camouflage colors were issued as paste and mixed by the units themselves, yielding decidedly mixed results upon application. Sun bleaching would be the norm on top plates, unless you're doing the factory fresh thing. And congratulations on your little one and your unusual approach to entertaining him. Had to wait until I was twelve before I got into wargaming. Might not want to show him a flamethrower attack!


John Kettler

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