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If You Break, We All Break

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This may come as news to some. It certainly was to me.

IN CMAK, if the subordinate half of a split squad gets broken or routed (therefore "rattled"), the whole squad will become "rattled" if the squad is rejoined. If the squad is then split again, both halves remain rattled. I ASSUME this is true if the sargeant's half of the squad gets routed to.

It's probably unwise to rejoin a split squad if one half has been previously broken or routed.

Treeburst155 out.

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Originally posted by Wartgamer:

When you say rattled, is there any indicator of this besides breaking easily?

Yes. A little red button comes on in the corner of the morale window to show that the squad's morale is fragile for the rest of the game.

Is this somewhat realistic in that fear spreads?
Could be. BFC could tweak it a bit if they chose to so that instead of it being inevitable, there'd only be a probability of it, usually a high one.


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