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Yet ANOTHER Fallschirmjäger MOD!!!

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Early winter FJ uniforms available now at the Wal-Mart of CM sites!

This mod depicts the unique FJ quilted winter uniforms, modeled after photos of troops in action in the Ukraine during the winter of 1942-43.

The FJ in most of the photos seem to have abandoned most of their field gear, perhaps due to the bulkiness of the uniforms, so I've done the same here and reduced equipment to the bare minimum--food, water, and ammo!

The original uniforms were reversible from white to reed-green or gray, so I've made both white and a greenish version (seen in the screenshot of the officer below). Also includes a groovy whitewashed helmet BMP.




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Originally posted by Rupert_2:

Another great mod sir, downloading as I type this. smile.gif

I have a picture like you talk of, and you have it down to the stick grenade shoved in the belts :D .

In one of the shots I saw (the same as yours, maybe?) one of the guys had two grenades shoved in there. I tried it, but it didn't look too good.

The K98 Mauser bayonet on the rear belt turned out pretty swell though. smile.gif

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Great job Andrew. As always. If we want to create a Green jacket, white pants combo, like you show, what bmps need to be used? Looking at the green uni folder, it looks like it is all green. I suspect I know, but you probably can tell me faster.

If I replace just 59282 with the white version, does that do it?

[ January 03, 2003, 04:34 PM: Message edited by: jdmorse ]

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Originally posted by jdmorse:

If I replace just 59282 with the white version, does that do it?

Yes it does! smile.gif That's the bmp for the platoon HQ's legs. I just loaded the white ones first then went and dropped in the green upper body bmps for the platoon HQ.

Incidentally, the whitewash helmet bmp is only located in the zip for the white uniforms.

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Another fine collection to grace the catwalks at the Leningrad Fashion Week. smile.gif

May I say Andrew "Versace" TF that these winter uniforms completely compliment your earlier FJ uniforms (but that pretty much goes without saying). I continually find myself actively seeking out FJ specific operations in order to use them.

With the tireless and generous efforts displayed by people like you Andrew, Combat Mission and this incredible community, can only go from strength to strength and I am so happy to be a passenger.

Thank You


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