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Weather ?

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If you're playing a QB or self-designed scenario; does it make sense to set the air temperature to extreme cold when it's snowing? I'm asking because sometimes it's so cold that there is no precipitation at all. I'm not a weather expert but living in Canada I have seen this happen. I'm writing this from my igloo ;) .


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Today we had below -20C and heavy snowfall for a while, most of the day it's been light snowfall.

Another possible option to use is fog, especially at dusk or dawn.




I'm not sure -20C counts as "extreme" though. Should be below -30C or so, IMO...

[ January 06, 2003, 03:34 PM: Message edited by: Olle Petersson ]

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I grew up in northern Maine (BFC's home state) and believe me, it CAN be bitter cold and snow too. it can also be warm and snow! Hell, most of the 'extreme' weather variants I've seen in the game I've also seen in Maine!

Remember, the 1940s saw some of the worst winter weather in a century in Europe. Any awful combination you could concoct would probably be totally appropriate.

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