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  1. Unfortunately, neither CMBB nor CMAK run under Parallels 3.0. This is even with the experimental DirectX 9 box checked. There are still some things missing that the CM.. series needs.
  2. I received the following link to a US Army Leavenworth papers study on tank destroyer doctrine in WWII: Leavenworth Papers No. 12 Seek, Strike, and Destroy: U.S. Army Tank Destroyer Doctrine in World War II by Dr. Christopher R. Gabel Combat Studies Institute U.S. Army Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 66027-6900 September 1985 http://www-cgsc.army.mil/carl/download/csipubs/gabel2.pdf
  3. Well, one proxy for casualties (as well as for how beat-up your forces are) is to keep an eye on your global morale number.
  4. And more specifically, a "Mountain Tank" (if such a thing had existed) would be termed a "Bergpanzer" (without the "e"). As for the derivation, the two terms have a slightly different route into modern high German, but share a very similar indogerman root word.
  5. And finally, don't forget that there is some asymmetry in the way you find out about casualties. When your own tanks get knocked out or abandoned, you find out about it immediately. When the same thing happens to the enemy (unless they explode and catch fire), you have to wait a while to find out. In the meantime, you and your tank crews will continue to think that the enemy tanks are threats and will continue to fire at them.
  6. It seems that the Stug-III's passenger capacity is a bit under-rated in CM:
  7. Of course if you want to be totally outrageous, there are these options as well: 42" 1920x1080 monitor 37" 1920x1080 monitor They are mildly pricey at $1750 / $1400 each.
  8. The standard Battlefront release of CMBO only comes with a printed manual. IIRC, the CDV version in Europe had only a minimal printed manual with the rest on disk. Later versions, I believe, came with on-line manuals, but not CMBO.
  9. Cameroon read my mind perfectly! Where it really gets to be an issue is when you have different priorities for fire support amongst different units. So, even though Red 1 could see the target and may even have a radio to call for fire support, the devious player would arrange for an FO without LOS, but with much higher priority, to call for map fire. The fire mission will be much more likely to be accepted, and probably more quickly. But this would be highly gamey, exploiting the multiple viewpoints available to a single player.
  10. I fear that having this available, particularly on the fly will just open the door to abuses. It has the potential to circumvent the entire relative spotting system. If you, as the player, can use one unit to see this road junction (and thus also see what is on it), and then switch to a forward observer who "magically" knows that this is the right time to shoot at this part of the map he can't see, you will have defeated the relative spotting system. In order to counteract such gamey moves, I would expect that the accuracy of unspotted artillery fire will have to be downgraded by more than
  11. These last posts have opened up some intriguing possibilities. About the pace of battle, this is perhaps one area where you really can get an advantage for the attacker. Since the attacker generally controls the pace of the action, the attacker can take the time to setup a hopefully coordinated set of movements and orders, whereas the defender will have to wait to see what develops before doing the same thing. This will make defense a bit more dicey, since there won't be time to analyze everything. It also makes it more likely that feints can be used, since the defender will often have
  12. Not to mention the question of where you will find the time to make precise measurements of the location of the tank destroyer, then move to another part of the map and organize a feint, and then return to exploit the problem in the defense. That would be a rather tall order. Now, the interesting question is really what sort of reports or alerts will be made available to the player/commander in real-time mode. In real life, hard-pressed units will not generally wait quietly to be overwhelmed, but rather they are likely to be screaming for help. Will the player also get such reports and r
  13. There isn't really an on-line site, since the networking play option in the CM series is peer-to-peer. You need to arrange that one-on-one with an opponent. You could try the opponent finder forum.
  14. Throw away the CMAK preferences file. The game will then go through the process of picking a resolution again. (OK, in the future it would be nice if there were a menu or preferences option that would let you pick resolutions when the game starts up....)
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