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**ANOTHER MikeyD Panther Mod! Ausf.A (early) YELLOW!!**

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Very quick turnaround on this one:

- Panther Ausf.A (early) yellow paint scheme for both CMBB and CMAK

CMBB side of our favorite site:


Hey, I told you I was working on four Panthers at the same time!

This time Panther A (early) - looks suspiciously like my recent Captured Panther but there are differences. Tool stowage is back, lots of spare tracks, wide range of alt. art to choose from.

This mod came together so quickly I didn't have the heart to hang onto the yellow mod while I labored over a camou version. Camou mod still to come. Here's the screenshot:


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"The open visor is a great touch."

I was saying all along "Nah, that would never look right", but I've had such unexpected good luck with the Panther so far that I thought I'd give it a shot... and dang if it didn't work out in the end!

And my Photoshop luck's continuing. Here at work they gave me a God-awful impossible Photoshop/Illustrator job to do this morning... and dang if that didn't work out in the end too! :D

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The Mighty MikeyD strikes again. Truely amazing stuff Mike, The paste effect is outstanding and somehow you're out doing yourself with the detail on these cat's. I'd say that is the best roadgear art effort from you, thus far.

Thanks big time for your effort.

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