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  1. Uh another one that kicked my ass ! I love everything that created MikeyD, and what repainted others, without destroying his work
  2. Oh really good modification dude ! I'm happy that You work with my "so-loved" MikeyD mods ! I'm looking forward for another one (of course based on MkeyD "superdetailes" mods) ! I always thought that MikeyD makes the best mods. And he do of course ! But Daffy (aka Dey) and DavidI based on MikeyD mods make whole good stuff ! Keep it goin' guys !
  3. New scenario called: Behind Enemy Lines - especially for those who loves to command of small tanks group. http://www.the-proving-grounds.com/scenario_details_link.html?sku=1282 and screenshot
  4. Hello Please test my first uploaded scenario for CMBB called Suburbs. This is very short and tiny scenario so don't affraid about amount of time You spend on it And this is first scenario from MiniScenarios series which i wanna create. Fell free to comment Cheers - Marcin T SUBURBS - MiniScenarios no1 http://www.the-proving-grounds.com/scenario_details_link.html?sku=1277 screenshot:
  5. Oh that details kick my ass totally !!! I stay tuned for the camo version !!!
  6. Oh this polish markings WP and POLSKA are beautiful !!! BUT - szachownica emblem was only painted on aircraft !!! during 1960-80 was also painted on AFVs (but with diffrent shape) - but during 2WW newer was painted on tanks MikeyD any another WIP ? [ January 19, 2007, 11:05 AM: Message edited by: Marcin T ]
  7. Hetzer38 ---> Both Panther tanks were captured on 2 august 1944. They both make fighting-recon mision alone. Without any infantry or AFV support. First Panther was knocked out by PIAT. Second Panther during retreat also was hit by PIAT in rear turret then fall from the road and hit a house and became immobilized. Crews from tanks was captured, and tanks repaired and remain in Polish use untill knocked out (8th august) and abandoned due to damage (11th august). Firs Panther in Polish use was officialy nicknamed as Pudel (nickname of one of soldier who died on august 3rd) then (not officialy) as Magda (woman name). Second Panther didn't have nickname but on its rear turret hatch was painted word WP (shortcut from Polish Army) MikeyD - the Polish Panther on the rear hatch hasn't got Polish Eagle, but WP - what means Wojsko Polskie (Polish Army) - it is clearly visible on one of the photos at this page http://powstanie-warszawskie-1944.ac.pl/pojazdy_w_powstaniu_panther.htm [ January 18, 2007, 02:15 AM: Message edited by: Marcin T ]
  8. So, anywy - there is a very good, detailed and interesting page about "polish" captured Panthers i Warsaw Uprising '44 --- but in Polish Languge. If something intersting You more i can do my best to translate. Link http://powstanie-warszawskie-1944.ac.pl/pojazdy_w_powstaniu_panther.htm
  9. Hey MikeyD, like usual nice work. I'm from Poland, and my friend - which i shown Your work dont believe in word "POLAND" at the Panther from Warsaw Uprising. Can You show a "source" photo with this Panther, where the word POLAND is visible ?
  10. To don't start a new topic, can someone tell me the Battle Outcome Sreen bmp number ? Thanx
  11. Hey, they are excellent !!! Really ! But (oh god!) i've got a real dilemma ! Which one modes to choose ??!! SuperB dusty mods of Gautrek (the vehicles with dust looks as real as they really serves from months at the front) or your super detailed and clean mods, with phenomenal suspensions (wheels etc). It is hard choose ...
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