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Just got the game yesterday wow

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I already won the tutorial LOL...

This game is awsome, having technical difficulty because the game reboot my system often.I know i`m not the only one with this problem.

I play a lot a games and that`s the only one who crashed like this :)

All drivers updated..

Other games i play on regular basis DAoC, Call of duties, BF1942, Medals of Honnor and none of these game ever crash :)

I went to the tech forum but didn`t find any solution yet..I`m going to test this game on my computer wife see if she get the problem..

Too bad this is happening because i really enjoy this game.

Gliviel :confused:

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I`m going to test this game on my computer wife
Wow! I didn't realize the people of Quebec were that far ahead of us in technology. No wonder they want to leave the rest of us backwards countrymen.

Heheh, I mean no offense, your english is certainly at least 3000 times better than my french. I just found that quote too awesome to leave alone.

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LOL glad i can make you laught hehe..

By the way i`m testing the game at the moment on the other computer :)

No crash so far so i guess my winxp is corrupted or something..Strange because everything else is working just fine :confused:

Big learning curve on this game :D


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