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Cough up for CMMODS

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Hi All,

I see that COG has his email and web server back, and maybe just maybe CMMODS is days away.

Are you one of those people who was always intending to make a donation, but never quite got around to it?

Now is the time.

If you haven't even thought about it, maybe you should. If in doubt, either think about the value you get from having a single place to find all your mods, or read here or even here

It's easy: go to www.paypal.com, register (if you haven't already) and make a payment to cozog@cozog.com.

GaJ (come on, you know someone had to say it!)

PS: "Cough up" is a colloquialism like "dig deep" or "pay up".

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I was meaning to doing this for months, I guess I just needed this nudge to do it. Thanks GaJ, for saving me from a life of freeloading. :D

I've just set up a paypal account and I'm pleasantly surprised by the user friendliness of creating the account. And from what I've seen the use of the account is very easy even for a non-credit card owning furriner.

I recommend all who have not done so to do it now.

CoG should see a modest contribution for his efforts in a week or so. It's not going to be as much as he deserves but as much as I can spare. :(

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Do you live in a dry state?


Charl Theron




  • Wine donation send to Fuerte for his PBEM HELPER, an excellent tool - it even lets you play 2 PBEM turns per e-mail exhange - if you play more than one PBEM at a time and have a Windows OS</font>
  • Sponsor of the (now infamous) Invitational (Ari Maenpaa)</font>
  • Sponsor of the 2 WineCape Tourneys (Fangorn’s Brazilian customs drank the wine prize up! + KiwiJoe)</font>
  • Sponsor of the Nordic Championships in honor of Nabla (His scoring system revolutionized CM tourney play)</font>
  • Rumblings of War, aka RoW I/II/III and beyond tourney sponsor (Wreck/Ali+Kanonier+Jon_L/~)</font>
  • Grateful donateur to the drinking habits of Battlefront.com (Baldy received the Fat Bastard Chardonnay)</font>
  • Thank You donation send to Manx (He used to run the “sexiest CMBO modsite on the net”)</font>
  • Wine donation send to Boots & Tracks for their scenarios created specifically for RoW tournaments</font>
  • Wine donation send to Gordon Molek for his CMMOS utility (Thereby making the installing of CM mods a breeze)</font>
  • Wine donation send to Andrew Fox for his CM modding work</font>
  • Wine donation send to Keith Miller @ Scenario Depot for his dedication in hosting CM scenarios</font>
  • Sponsor-to-be of Pengville’s “Gamey Bastard” tourney (In honor of Seanachai + Lars for showing an act of kindness to an outerboarder - Well, bribery does pay.)</font>

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