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My Bloody Valentine

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Looky here:


What yer seeing is 1 milisecond after a 150mm HE round impacted with the front of this Valentine. Strangely, the targeting calculator gave me a "Zero Chance of Kill" readout at 246m, before I said "what the hell" and told Alter Fritz to pull the trigger anyway. I LMAO when I saw the result...

On a side note, Valentines are damn tough against 50L42 equiped panzers. I just brought along the sIG IB for laughs --- and I got 'em!

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Originally posted by Monty's Double:

The Glider EP was my favourite, though Loveless was storming too. Pity about the home counties shoegazing foppery they spawned. Chapterhouse were just about passable (sorry Russ), but there really was no excuse for Slowdive.

Heh --- I always thought Loveless was their best work.
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I was introduced to MBV and Loveless back in 92' while I was chilling with my then girlfriend on the campus of Washington Lee University in Lexington Va.

Ahh...the memories...well, the memories of stuff I THINK occured back then...Not too many brain cells survived that spring...


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Originally posted by Bone_Vulture:

Isn't there a "concussion factor" in CM, that might kill vehicle crew, even without penetration? I once shot a 150mm inf gun HE shell at a BA-64; it showed "no serious damage". Seconds later the crew took a hike. :D

There must be, as you can make the same thing happen on early war German tanks with the Soviet KV-2. Low kill chance and no *ahem* "Penatration" but the shock effect is murder on both the German tank and any neighboring tanks as well.
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Originally posted by Victor Semensi:

Ahh the memories. I always have MBV's loveless and Curve's doppleganger CD's in my car.

Curve and early Catherine Wheel are an integral part of my CMBB experience - along with bottle of decent Syrah. Somehow Unreadable Communication seems to soothe my ego when I'm plotting yet another disaster...

To stray off-topic... In a recent PBEM I actually managed to lose a Valentine to German ATR fire. A rather demoralising experience.


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