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background processing?

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while playing a game of galactic civilizations i wondered if cm could benefit if it also used background processing to do some of the ai calculating while a player moved his guys.

there would be some things that a player could change such as hiding squads and the movie making couldn't be pre-made but given how long a player takes to move his guys and how long the ai processes, could it take some time off the wait?

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Originally posted by GreenAsJade:

Now if someone could speed up "Loading 3D graphics", that would be a gift from heaven...

LOL :D:D I agree !

My laptop has an ATI card and, when I disabled the Z-Mask, framerate was improved, but time of AI turn calculation too :cool:

Unfortunatly, this change didn't speed up the "Loading 3D graphics" time... ...does it depends on RAM memory or processor frequence ?

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you place an infantry unit in front of an enemy MG, in the background the pin level is being calculated. you then direct a HE chucker onto the MG. the MG is now being pinned so the initial calculations are wasted. given that there are so many factors that change and interrelate over the course of a minute it would be imposible to do them in the background.

i imagine now it does something like.

tick - what's shooting at what, what are the pin values, how much will the unit shoot next turn.

tick - NOW what is shooting at what blah blah.

impossible to do as seperate processes because anything may have an effect on anything else.

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"loading 3d graphics" apperas to be mostly reading the BMP files form disk or from the network drive.

Make sure you have a fast harddisk with some current level of IDE interface, with the cables you need to use it and that you turn on all the DMA options. Defragmentation could also help, but I thing Windows defrag is no clever enought to put files in one directory close to each other.

As for computing the AI move while you plot, the problem here is that the background calculation will make moving the viewpoint on the map slower, which would be an issue for many current computers and big maps.

Also, making a non-threaded program threaded is usually calling for long periods of debugging race conditions, so that is probably not in sight.

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