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Balanced game using Sturmtiger?

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Who out there still plays with good-old SturmTiger, after having had so much fun with it the first couple days of owning the game? Anybody come up with a way to have a 'balanced' game using this beast?

I did one Quickbattle recently using SturmTiger to defend a town and I let the AI select my opponent. The AI wisely chose a LOT of infantry spread out the entire width of the map. While my Sturm was laying waste to the left of the board the AI was quietly infiltrating the majority of its forces to the right. Then the Sturmovik came and imobilized me. Sometimes the AI can be a very crafty opponent!

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You know I can buy A LOT of Stuarts for the price of your SturmTiger. :D And it only takes 3-5 Stuarts to wax a ST. Think how inf I can get with the left over points. :eek:

editted to add: The venerable Joe Shaw has made a new scenario for the Peng boys and girls. Maybe if you ask real nice he will send you a copy. It most likely ain't historical or balanced but it might be nice see what others are doing with that bad-boy.

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When I play my QBs rarity is turned on 99.9% of the time. Needless to say the Sturmtiger is too expensive.

Also, if you choose your forces correctly with enough extra points (or what's left) you can make the Sturmtiger a very expensive bait to lure enemy armor ;) Cheesey, yes, but it can be effective. Nothing pisses off someone more than to see his detachment of tanks sent to despatch the ST get waxed by those camping PaK40/88mm whores!

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Originally posted by ParaBellum:

I think I used the Sturmtiger exactly two times.

First time during Warphead's preview party, the second time for my "Woohooo I got it"-thread to show some cool pics.

I recall having the StrumTiger in the "Clash of Titans II" sceanrio by Rune that we played.
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