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  1. *yawn* Soooo, I just need to wait until the end of your watch? What time is that? 3pm for nap time? 4:30 pm for the Early Bird/ AARP card holder special dinner deal? Or after Jeopardy? At the latest, you are off to bed by 8. And that's O-high-O time so 5pm for us West Coasters. Okay. I can wait until then.
  2. oooo, lookies who else showed up after a long hiatus! May I be the first to extend a hearty hello at dear old _Axe_? All this reminiscing is making me want to fire up the ole game and sling some fiery TNT!
  3. Well, lookies here. Tucked away in a dank, musty corner of the interwebs PENG LIVES! This takes me back a bit. Like an old shabby sweat shirt. Old, tattered and smelling musty but the memories. Oh lordy, the memories. How have you lads been?
  4. The Vikings will disappoint me again. Of that I am sure.
  5. I was wondering when they were going to get back to this. The Fourth Reich or Reich 4.0? I think I am leaning towards Reich 4.0. It really brings a certain modern feel to the whole thing.
  6. 'Let then eat cake"....and we all know how well that turned out. Doesn't seem like the type quote some one, anyone, would want associated to them if there is actual class warfare.
  7. I would say I started as "Type 1" but with the tips and tricks that the kind folks of the forum have provided I am holding my own against AI in medium meeting engagement playing as the Krauts. Gearing up to kick off some PBEMs against real people so we will see what I have really picked up.
  8. Hope my posts don't come across as a knock on CMBN. I am warming up to the game but like others have said, it yer daddy's CM! Thanks all for all the tips. Knew I could count on the community for tips and tricks.
  9. Yeah Cymru, that's the boat I am in. I am playing Cats Chasing Dogs and it is damn tough. There must be something wrong with the game play because I am playing as the Germans and everyone knows the Krauts were the shiznit and never lost. Although I do like the fact that The All-Seeing-Eye has been corrected. I find myself frantically clicking through units to figure out what is shooting at what. The controls are a little clunky but hopefully that will become easier with time.
  10. ...but no. This game is hard as f***. It's harder than...well, I will just stop there. Finally getting a chance to fire this bad boy up and I am getting my balls ground into a fine paste by the AI. Could be that I am just a noob but as a CMBO, CMBB and CMAK vet...I doubt it. Not sure why I am sucking it but I am looking forward to finding that out. Good job, BFC. You brought it!
  11. I did a quick search but got bored and figured I would start a new, specific thread. What the fook is up with those faux breaks? Granted I just started this but when I tried to move my boys through what I was an opening, they just stopped and humped the ground. Can you move inf through the breaks in the bocage in this campaign? How about clanky bits; APCs and tanks? Thanks, Mike
  12. Shoot me setup. Same criteria as finalcut. I may be better than a turn a day but no promises, depends upon which time zone you are in. Let me know if you want to try a scenario that I need to d/l. Or we could throwdown in homage to the now defunct Cheery Waffle Thread and do something silly like only armored cars or flamethrowers at night. Gawd I miss those days.
  13. That bird has the 'crazy eye'. Always a tell-tale sign that she is nuts....and not in a good way.
  14. I am not sure that all of those gals are actual soldiers. Looks like a couple of models thrown in and some booth babes in uniform. But overall...very nice!
  15. Since this has evolved into an epic pissing match, let me provide a musical http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEPD1kYt0OM*. Now back to the pissing. *NSFW
  16. I believe that would fall under the definition of mall ninja.
  17. That's a standard set so low even I could stumble over it. Boozy-kins, how's about that match? Tried your old email, did you get?
  18. Of course there is more than one 1020. :-/ It's this one Specs say a Radeon HD 6570 graphics card. The plug wasn't one that I was used. But it came with this little plug in bit so I slapped it together and it 'seemed' to work. Looks like a VGA-DVI thingy. For whats that worth.
  19. Sorry. CMAK (just d/l the patched version) with Windows 7. Old Dell flat screen. Not sure of the adapter but it looked like this one in the upper right and came with the comp.
  20. New HP 1020. I went with standard settings but it doesn't seem to have worked out well for me. Any suggestions?
  21. True womble. You got me there. But in reality it was more of thinking out loud sort of thing.
  22. Boo-sies, you disappoint. I can't believe a man of your standing in this community is still running around in that tattered old CMAK. What will the neighbors think? Luckily for you I can put my grubby mitts on CMAK in a mere matter of minutes, so let's fire up one of them games. Sadly, my CMBN is in a box. In the garage. And I am not going out there again unless its for beer or steaks. I hate moving.
  23. The WASR-10 is a legal variant of the AK. The semi-auto ban is by make not design. I didn't criticize, I made a snarky comment. You can do whatever floats your boat in your country we will do what we want. Seems reasonable to me....oh wait reason isn't your forte (yes, that is a personal jab) as evidence by: What the feck is that about? Why look for ways to 'get around the constitution'? Because you don't agree with it? Move. There are plenty of other countries out there, no need to take up space here. I see you are all ready in Australia. Great. Stay there. Enjoy. Throw a shrimp on the barbie and crack a Fosters. And where the hell did I ask yours, or any one else, for their opinion on 'parenting strategies'? Your delusional self-importance is boggling but misguided. I asked for information. That's it. You want to turn this into an anti-gun, America-bad thread I can't stop you. You seem to be making a bunch of noise for noise sake and not really contributing.
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