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Sound contact accuracy...

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From my experience a "Truck" sound contact is invariably some sort of unarmed wheeled vehicle such as a Kubelwagen, Jeep, truck or maybe even an SdKfz8. I don't recall ever seeing it be anything other than a non threatening potential target.

Where you do have to exercise caution is when you see a "Light Armour" sound contact. I've had that morph into AFV's such as a Pz IVH on closer inspection and inevitable heartbreak when the investigating unit finds out for sure to its detriment.


Jim R.

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Be aware of the contact for its distance.

Not long ago I lost two tigers.

I heard sound contact from shermans behind them in the north,roughly 200 meters and decided to turn the tigers into that direction.

While they were turning the shermans showed up in the east on their flanks and killed both tigers ... :(

There was a difference in roughly 400 meters from where I heard the contact and where the contacts showed up.

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I heard once "SOUNDS CREW ?" and i start shooting at this place ... that was my "mistake of the day" ;) . It showed that this crew is 30m at left. Then i discovered strange thing. Why this "crew" shooting at me using MG42 (?). Ohh this isn't crew ! That was hMG42 and verry well entrenched. So the point is that for begining my soldiers (green) thought that this is crew but finally that was good camufled regular hMG42. And there is diffrence between crew and hMG42. So cheers for my silly green infantry ;)

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