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  1. All I ask is for more dramatic armor and vehicle hits. This just hasn't bee the case since CMBB. They are especially weak in TOW. I want to see some tanks exploding with turrets flying in the air
  2. They should kill it. CMBB doesn't work right on vista anyway. Use those resources on making the games they have now better.
  3. Combat mission Barbarossa to Berlin is still my game of the year.
  4. I've found that the dual core selection hurts frame rates on vista but if running XP there really is no difference that I can see
  5. This is unfortunate. It sure would be nice for this to get ironed out. Along with Theater of war frame rates, and Shock Force just sucking
  6. Nvidia just released a new driver dated November 6th. Release notes says that it fixes some Open GL issues. I installed and tested it with CMBB. It does fix the corruption issue but still gets terrible frame rates. It didn't last long though. I found the driver to be extremely unstable. It crashed several times just in 1 hour. These weren't severe crashes but I still had to roll it back. It just wasn't worth it. COME ON NVIDIA!!! ALMOST THERE!!
  7. Yeah it would be nice if they would add that if possible. Either that or clean up the way infantry follows armor
  8. Maybe they need to stick with Empire Earth
  9. Do the Americans have the 50 Cal in the game anywhere?
  10. Very Cool. Looking forward to the patch.. Sounds like some good improvements to an already great game
  11. I would like to see a thread on this.. I'm not too up on how the promotion interface works
  12. BillyBob what do you play? What game are you a fan of?
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