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**MikeyD's 4th of July Mod Blowout!!**

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The results of an extra long holiday weekend.

On the CMAK side of cmmods.com:

-Camou Tiger I early, CMAK Italian theater/ CMBB ‘43.

On the CMBB side on cmods.com:

-Late war camou Sturmtiger

-3 BMP Patch to correct camou Tiger I (late) visible driver butt in CMBB

ALL Tiger I variants in CM have finally been modded in both yellow an camou. After about 1 1/2 months work my Tiger I labors are at an end. About the latest mods:

For CMBB only, here’s a very pretty late war camou Sturmtiger.

There’s also a patch for my late camou Tiger I, which reinstalls the forward hull track shields. This corrects a CMBB-only problem of visible driver butt with the full deleted track shields. If you prefer the look of this patch its okay for CMAK too.

Also for both CMAK and CMBB here’s a properly camou’d Tiger I (early) mod. A 1943 camou scheme appropriate for the Kursk offensive.





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Mike, you're absolutely stunning! Everyone else is enjoying the World Championship, but you're modding! Okay, I'm building model tanks, so I definitly can't judge... ;) Now all I have to do is work out how to apply camo schemes in PhotoShop myself. What program do you use? And could you maybe give me a few tutoring lessons?

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That would be rellay appreciated. And I think it would be helpful to more people than just me. But if I, for one, knew how to properly do camo patterns I could do A LOT of patterns with all your tanks. Especially those I posted pictures of a few weeks ago...

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