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two forum questions

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Originally posted by Der Kunstler:

I hate to ask these but my curiosity is killing me! What is a "peng" thread and what is a "bump"? Thanks!

From the FAQ sticky:

What is all this nonsense about Peng?

The Peng threads are where the dregs of the forum hang out. Peng has existed here for longer than I've been around and, sadly, shows no sign of expiring, but we can hope.

If you're new to the game or the forum, go in there and talk to the denizens or challenge them nicely to a game. They will be very annoyed and tell you to sod off - and you will make a bunch of old whining curmudgeons very happy.

The Word of Peng - A condensed FAQ

A bump is when you post a 'bump' message into a thread which causes it to rise to prominence.

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