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Hubert sent me SC: "Elite Edition"... anyone else get it?

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It looks like I've got Strategic Command : Elite Edition , but I'm not hearing that anyone else received it. My game screens are quite a bit different than anyone else's. Take a look....


I get the feeling that Hubert favors me above all customers since I haven't left any "Give-me-paratroopers-or-give-me-death" messages on the SC forums. smile.gif

Take a look at some of these other screenies if you are so inclined(hi-bandwidth 200-400k .jpg files):

SC Title Screen

SC New Campaign Screen

SC Load Savegame Screen

SC Load PBEM Screen

SC Options Screen

SC Choose Side Dialog

SC In-Game Screen

SC Report Screen

SC War Map Screen

The more astute reader will note a slight variation in geographic textures on the Elite Edition's land masses. There are also some differences in the resource and city markers. A quick comparison:


SC Standard Terrain/Hex Graphics


SC "Elite Edition" Terrain/Hex Graphics

Note the subtle variation in terrain texture, the ever-so-slight "3D" effect on the resource, mountain and forest primeval graphics. And give notice to the enhanced city/capital graphics that make identification quicker and easier for the SC neophyte as well as the hardened (and myopic) grognard.

Compare a bit more....

SC Standard Terrain/Hex Graphics (#2)

SC "Elite Edition" Terrain/Hex Graphics (#2)

An awe-inspiring comparison for the SC nut. Compare those river graphics. You can almost feel the cold rush of the water in the Elite Edition's graphics.

Well... for those of you who are humor-challenged out there, let it be known that there is actually NO "Elite Editon" of SC, so if you're just about to draft a message to Battlefront's Sales force about how you feel you were shorted, gypped, screwed, etc. on not getting the "Elite Edition", please refrain.

All these graphic modifications will be made available to y'all shortly (as soon as I can get a hold of Otto and upload the package to this SCHQ site). I'll also make available my Unit Graphics which were based on Jorgen Cab's excellent Symbol Mod. I made a few color modifications to it to make for easy visuals in the game. I also added some unique (some might say "lame") headquarters/command unit graphics. Take a gander:

Holzem's Unit Graphics

Anyway.... it's all in a day's work (literally took me most of Saturday to do it all). Hope you can all enjoy Hubert's little gem as much as I am along with some modified graphics. Now I've gotta get back to the Eastern Front... the Huns are movin' fast and I've got Smolensk to defend!


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Outstanding job. Those graphics are absolutely stunning. Please Hubert take note (no disrespect to your work of course) and incorporate this into SC!!!! I cannot wait to download the mod!

Keep us updated for download.

Thanks Holze,


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Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments!

I'm puttin' the package together right now and will hopefully have it all posted online today.

There is a slight (ever so slight :D ) chance that I might send it via e-mail if it's not posted.

Thanks again.

[ August 11, 2002, 02:18 PM: Message edited by: HolzemFrumFloppen ]

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Originally posted by SS_Obergruppenf├╝hrer:

Oh my GOD!! Host this baby... ASAP! :eek:

Well... haven't heard from Otto's SCHQ site, so I'm hosting the file temporarily . It weighs in at a hefty 3.4meg... likely not a problem at all for any high-speed users. E-mail is probably out of the question for lots of folks since so many ISPs put a limit on the size of e-mail attachments.

Anyway, you can get the full SC "Elite Edition" Mod by clicking below:

Download Full SC GUI Mod

There's a short README.TXT file in the zipfile; in a nutshell, it tells you dump the contents of the entire zip into your Strategic Command Bitmaps folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\Strategic Command\Bitmaps). If for some reason you think you might want to go back to the original graphics, then make sure you do a backup of the entire Bitmaps directory (or you could always re-install SC).

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Nothing like a labor of love, I always say. smile.gif

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Originally posted by Straha:

I really like the pics of the generals on the HQ units. smile.gif

Hehe... yeah, I dig on them, too.

One thing though: On the title screen, there are two maps of Europe on the wall in the background. The one to the left seems to be a political map from the 1990ies. ;)
As I stated in an alternate post/thread:

It's not really 1990s Europe... it's a 1940 War Department strategist's projection of the European continent 50 years into the future! They would often discuss stuff like that back then. :D

Thought you'd like that. ;)

And thanks for the comments!

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