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  1. For what it is worth... http://www.wargamer.com/articles/readerschoice_awards_2006/ *Of course I it won't be difficult to guess who will say that the above is worth nothing.
  2. Peterk - Understand your concerns. Admittedly games like HTTR or COTA / Take Command take some getting used to. There is an element of distance in the process/decision making cycle as you are not moving every single counter involved in the assault. To me that is refreshing...by my nature I don't like to micromanage things ala Paradox's latest incarnation of Hearts of Iron, etc. I own and play both CMBB and HTTR/COTA. As I indicated earlier, I believe CMBB is an evolutionary half-step before HTTR/COTA. That being said, it still is an improvement, IMO, over the hex/counter/turn game
  3. Jason - You basically have proven my point - that those gamers that fancy themselves as traditionalists dismiss these type of "real time tactical" or "pausible continuous time" games completely out of hand. On what basis do you claim the "game play was and is poor"??? You provide absolutely no analysis or commentary to support this claim whatsoever and miss my point completely. I am not disparaging turn/hex/counter games at all. There are plenty to like and enjoy. But it is a stretch to think that any innovative game play has come from that system. By your own admission, the system
  4. Some random musings on various battle engines: IMO, the AA (airborne assault) engine and MMG's Take Command are the way of the future. They really are an evolution of the Close Combat series and SMG's Gettysburg (and add-ons Antietam, WNLB, ANGV) and are the sweet spot between turn based/hex/counters and RTS (like Sudden Strike). Games such as Combat Mission series are really just a turn based/hex/counter game in 3D...with the added improvement of simultaneous WEGO turn resolution that isn't really possible in table top games. That being said, I do enjoy what the Combat Mission series o
  5. Just purchased CM3-AK Special Edition... My question is, do I need to patch this edition in anyway or is this the most "recent" version??? Thanks for the help!
  6. Wartime Command Saw this screenshot preview in the Wargamer. Looks like CM to me. Anyone else hear about this?
  7. the music used in Strategic Command has been used for AFN (Armed Forces Network) tv commercials. my wife and i heard it on tv once and she asked me why the tv was playing music from one of my games!!!!
  8. Hans- Would you be kind enough to send me the complete set of Small Battles? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Will
  9. Matt- I downloaded the rules sets for CMBO from the CMHQ. However when I double click on the exe file, the rules sets don't load up. Any suggestions? [ October 18, 2003, 08:14 PM: Message edited by: Willard ]
  10. Moon/Madmatt-- Thanks for the info. I appreciate you both taking the time to respond. I visit the SC forums alot--I purchased SC when it first came out, but don't post alot. However, I want to thank you both for you quick response and also for you work here on the forums. You guys are probably the best Admins I have ever seen on a site...keep up the good work! Its forums like here and and people like you that bring Battlefront new customers or repeat customers (like myself). Thanks!
  11. Hi all--- Need some help from the resident experts. Posted in the CM-BB forum also, but it appears that thread was hijacked. Hope you guys can help. Just played demo for CM-BO and CM-BB and WOW!!! Totally awesome!!! I can't believe I missed out on these games. Anyway, I am looking to purchase the games, but need advice on what to get. It appears that there are several versions out--- CM-BO CM-BO Special Edition (Does this come with extra special effects when the Death Star explodes? ) CM-BB CM-BB Special Edition and finally the CM-BO/CM-BB Bundle. Anyway, I wa
  12. Hi all... I just played the CMBB demo (dl from this site). I have to say it is fantastic... I can't believe that I have missed this. Anyway, I was hoping old timers could help me out with some purchasing decisions. I understand that there are two versions of CMBB and CMBO (regular and special edition). Which version should I get? Also, is it worth it to get CMBO or is that included in CMBB? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  13. Go to download page, the 1.07 patch has been officially released.
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