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You might be a CM addict if........

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In the spirit of You might be a redneck if ...

How about a thread of you might be a CM addict if...

... You haven't seen your CM CD in weeks because you never exit the game anyway just minimize it.

...You have changed your route to work because there are just to many good places for Schreck ambushes

...You can't drive anywhere with out figuring out how you would defend the village you pass through or think what a great place for a pak 88 look at that LOS.

... your dream car is no longer a Mustang cobra convertible but a Kubelwagen.

Alright guys there's a start lets see'em Y'all biggrin.gif

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Originally posted by Mlapanzer:

Well guys not all of us have had the pleasure

of being around CM THAT long you bunch of old farts biggrin.gif

Besides If it was fun once twice etc.. Why not again.

Have you only had sex once or are Y'all to old to remember that. tongue.gif

At least I can 'win' at sex occasionally! LOL!

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