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NEW CMFI CMAK2 Scenario "AFRIKA Luigi Assaults Pierre"

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If you desire to give this small new scenario a try...

Play as Axis vs Allied AI. I want to eventually, soon, make a version for play as allies vs axis AI.



It is just after sunrise on another hazy summer day in the Libyan desert. The wind is light from the north. You are just east of the Free French lines at Bir Hakeim. Several mechanized attacks have failed to breach the enemy line. It is now your turn...

You are Tenente Enrico Fossatoro of the Guastatori attached to the Pavia Infantry Division. Your assault engineer platoon was ordered to conduct a night infiltration to penetrate into the French perimeter. 1 breach team has made it through the outer wire, through the anti-tank mines and is now just inside the inner wire right near a French trench.

The French are well dug in. They have good noise discipline and have mostly held their fire to conserve ammunition. They have at least 1 light machine gun and several submachineguns. 

Achieve Points by reaching several hidden touch objectives along the enemy's main line and by destroying enemy units. Clear out the enemy positions and defend against any French counterattack. If you can keep below 10% casualties for your own side, you get a parameter bonus. You have 20 minutes to achieve your mission.


The link at the very bottom takes you direct to the CMAK2 department in my goody box. Grab the new scenario AFRIKA LUIGI ASSAULTS PIERRE and the 2 mod folders. A butt ton of mods. I pray there are no conflicts but there CAN be. Please don't blow a gasket and come here to shout at me. Just PM me and I can try to iron it out and get you a good battle.

Mods by me and pitbull aka @boygarvin and @Falaise and maybe others I forgot, you know stuff from 2015.

Modtagged stuff: new icons for Italy, sunhelmet Blender mod, pitbull gorgeous uniforms, Falaise and my team effort for ranks for Free French, a couple new road tiles to try and show tread tracks in the desert, mdr shenanigans, tons of moddy goodness.

And "only in z when you actually need it": a separate folder with force choice Italian flag, Italian war song music intro. I think that is it. Optional stuff but flavorful.


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Posted (edited)

Germans had cuff titles. US had shoulder sleeve insignia. British had regimental cap badges. French have the Kepi colors.

Well, the Italians had and STILL HAVE the gorget badge system. Mostreggiature or Mostrine

Very interesting stuff.



On the left is my Pavia Division gorget. On the right is pitbull's Trieste Motorized Division gorget. I followed the master's dropshadow the best I could and then mirrored the one on the left to cover over his on the right.

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   Another really cool battle.  This one played out very nicely.

   Taking a look at the setup, my stomach was in my throat, seeing the terrain I would have to cross, and knowing the enemy was well placed.  I was not expecting to get very far, but, HEY!  Looka here, we got Ammo!!!!  Sorry Phil, just couldn't resist.  :P

   I decided to use the ammo carefully, and did a lot of dashing from shell-hole to shell-hole.  I still took casualties though, but that bit about keeping your own casualties under 10% is pretty much like the Pirate's Code, right?  Therrrrrrrr mohrrrr laiike Guidelines, Arrrrr.

   The scenario is wicked, but if you use the right infantry tactics, it is actually doable.  I managed to get close, racking up the hidden objectives, and slowly reduced the enemy positions.  I was equally stunned that I was able to get the flamethrower close enough to use it - that hardly ever happens in my game experience.  Of course it was horrible using it, and I rather hated to even employ it, but the flame team was important in the victory.

   This was a very challenging battle, Phil, and I really didn't think I had done well right up to when the final minute ticked off.   And then...I had a major victory.  Crazy!  My force was down to some rattled survivors, and I managed to take most of the objectives.  Of course I didn't get points for keeping my casualties under 10%, because...bwahahaha, that was pretty much impossible.  :wacko:  My game character, Tenente Fossatoro, actually ended up in the front lines with the rest of the troops and amazingly enough, he survived.  Lucky?  You bet!  

   Thanks again, for yet another challenging gem of a battle.


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15 minutes ago, Heinrich505 said:

Thanks again

Oh man, I am very happy you liked it. I also have played it many times as well...as I created it and it evolved but also AFTER I think it stabilized and I was happy with it. At that point I was ably to just try and enjoy it and not be "on duty" as the scenario writer to watch it for any issues. I relaxed and just played it. Having something new is quite exciting. Unheard of really. Minor Nation versus Minor Nation! France vs Italy. I enjoyed this flavor. 


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