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Target arc for vehicle passengers doesn't work?

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Hello, I was driving around with a few scouts in a jeep, giving them a very small target arc, so they wouldn't shoot around to not draw unnecessary attention.
That didn't seemed to help, the passengers still opened fire with their small arms in a drive by against a single infantry soldier they spotted about 200 meters away from them, without getting under fire by him, as he was still waiting in an ambush position.

I tested this further then, armor arc or hiding doesn't really work neither. It seems target arcs are not working if infantry is used as passengers in vehicles.
It is not an important issue, as this is a very rare case and it is probably a consistent "bug" also within other Combat Mission titles, but I wanted the developers to know. Maybe they want to change this behavior.

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1 hour ago, Erwin said:

The covered arc will not be followed slavishly.  The AI will permit units to open fire outside of arcs depending on variables that are not explained.

Yes, I know. But here I guess the target arc is not working at all, if it is used for passengers.
Please, try it out, with elite and highly motivated soldiers against not threatening enemy soldiers.

However, this "bug" is of very low importance, as target arcs for passengers are not so important, because usually vehicles get spotted quite easily anyway.

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3 hours ago, Dr.Fusselpulli said:

It seems target arcs are not working if infantry is used as passengers in vehicles.

Yes, I tested it in FB 'Courage Conquers' they fired through a small circular fire arc. I send them on a deliberate suicide mission their decision was tactically correct. 

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