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Nearly finished the combatants now.  Far fewer instances of tracksuit guy.  Instead we have stripy jumper guy, and horrible brown zip up cardigan guy.  Also using @Zveroboy1's shemaghs and sneakers to further the ragtagging  https://ibb.co/XY54GfB

There are 25 new combatants now, and 20 new fighters


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3 hours ago, Erwin said:

Yes, thank you.  Saves us a lot of work.

The work is largely original, combining different bits of Battlefront textures into new units .  A number of the Unconventionals are completely new.  Assets from zveroboy1 - sneakers and shemaghs - were used to increase the ragtagging.  Blimey's helmets and mjkerner's Woodland plate vest have been used in the UK ragtagging.

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